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Cyst and Iodine link

I have an ovarian cyst for the 2nd time and I was listening to an online documentary , and the dr being interviewed said that cysts occur due to an iodine deficiency ( dr david Brownstein) and it is really important to rectify this. He said that he thinks everyone should take detoxified Iodine supplement. I have had my thyroid tested recently and I am within the normal range, so does this mean I am not iodine deficient ? I am so confused , as I do have a cyst ? Its quite large . Apparently this doctor has done lots of research about iodine . I am going to my gp on Wednesday to ask about an Iodine test ?? Anyone have any knowledge on this ?

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Hi Larissa😊

This question, re iodine deficiency and Thyroid function would probably best be answered by HealthUnlocked ThyroidUK🙂

The people on that site are usually on the ball with this sort of thing🙂xB

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