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High progesterone levels?


I'm in my early 20's and have been suffering with many symptoms which suggest a hormone imbalance, and I've also recently been diagnosed with PMDD, which is making my life hell so I thought I'd do some investigations into my hormones. I had my blood analysed on day 4 of my menstrual cycle and my results were as follows:

Estrogen- 121 pmol/L

Progesterone- 3.7 nmol/L = 1.2 ng/mL

Apparently progesterone is supposed to be less than 1 ng/ml during the follicular stage, and my test results say 'refer to GP for discussion'.

I just wondered if anyone could advise if I do actually need to see a GP about this and what would be the cause of slightly raised levels?


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Hi christinaelizabeth😊

Your doctor should be able to suggest help for PMMD, probably either lifestyle changes or if it's warranted, low dose antidepressant or a contraceptive.

Don't try to over analyze this yourself, you'll end up in a vicious circle with stress🙂

Make an appointment with your doctor and talk it over🙂 xB


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