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Hi there I have posted previously for about 8 weeks now I have had these severe headaches behind my right eye I have pain and then top of my head and now I have stiffness in my neck I fell neausous and faint so tired no energy been to doc who has ruined out migraines I have had propananol ibufon paracetamol then changed then I got prescribed naratriptan then now been taken off all and been started on codrydamol and a long lasting anti inflammatory I have been send home from work today as in agony called doctor back and am currently awaiting a ring back I have had eyes tested and doc said to wait another 10 days and see if new tablets working if not he will try arrange a ct has anyone any advice I feel very weepy and forgetful also thank you xx

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If you feel your eyes are causing this, go to Eye Casualty or A&E at your nearest hospital.

You should be able to be checked by a doctor specializing in eye problems.

I've had Iritis, it can mimic conjunctivitis and it's like having toothache in your eye. The eye becomes bloodshot and severe pain comes on when you look at light.

Always ask for a referral if the condition is lingering and you aren't making progress with your GPs recommendations 😊xB


Sounds like you've taken all the right steps already. Whether the tablets are working or not I still think your GP needs to send you for that CT scan.


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