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Bartholin Cyst

Hello people! Do you have any remedies to soothe or even burst my bartholin cyst? Ive had a bartholin's cyst for almost 6 weeks. I'm in absolute agony and I've talked to my gastro doctors about painkillers and I can't have anything but paracetamol (I have Crohn's disease). I've been referred to gyno (finally...) But they haven't sent an appointment out yet; I have no idea how much longer I'll have to stay in pain for until I'm given a professional opinion about the cyst. I can't walk, sit or even sleep without crying. I've seen doctors but due to my age, I was seen at the children's hospital. At least 6 doctors (on different occasions) have seen me and it was the 6th that actually admitted that the children's hospital isn't experienced enough; in the meantime, whilst waiting for my appointment with the adult hospital, I'm taking sitz baths and putting on warm compress- but this isn't helping. Sorry if the paragraph us long, I just like chatting. Thank you for any advice you can give!

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3-4 sitz baths per day, lasting 10-15 mins, are usually recommended.

If the cyst doesn't burst after about a week of this procedure the doctor may decide to drain it.

For information on procedures relating to Bartholin Cysts see healthline.com

Best wishes 😊xB


"If the cyst doesn't burst after about a week of this procedure the doctor may decide to drain it." Such a Shane that I had this problem for 7 weeks :( they wouldn't do anything for me, despite the pain I was in. Although it's now discovered to not be a bartholin's cyst, I wish they had don't something sooner!

Thank you for your response anyhow x


Thank you wobblybee.

I am currently at the children's hospital.

Here's a [not very detailed] update of the situation. I went to A&E again on Sunday because I could no longer live with the suffering- if they weren't going to drain it, I was. Anyway, I spent days in the hospital and the "cyst" (or the skin around it?) Ruptured/burst due to the pressure that the cyst was making (UGH IT WAS UNBEARABLE). Well, I ended up having an MRI on Wednesday to make sure it was a "cyst"- the doctors and surgeons really had no idea however, one doctor who was an adult surgeon for 10 years before moving on the children thought this may be related to my Crohn's.

The MRI showed a fistula had formed from the bottom of my bowel to my front, causing the abscess to be present. So! Today (technically yesterday since it's 1 am now) I went into theatre where my gastro doctor did a colonoscopy and endoscopy and another surgeon cut a bigger hole into the abscess, cleaned it out and has, I believe, packed it. They say that as I am a female and a child, they never would have considered it to be my Crohns as they aren't experienced enough with this and it doesn't tend to happen. So now, they're writing a paper about me (anonymously) so they can hopefully learn and not make the same mistake again.

So, this is not the end. The endoscopies showed my bowels were much worse that previously. The abscess thing will not heal until the fistula has healed. I will soon start having infliximab infusions and will start on azorhiaprine. I know I said this wasn't a detailed update- but this is really the shirt version, I swear! Also, the fact it was not a bartholin's cyst explains why sitz baths never worked.

Ps, sorry for typos, it's 1 am and my hand hurts because of the cannula xD I'm so lucky *sarcasm*



It sounds absolutely horrendous, I'm sorry to learn it turned out to be so extreme.

Sometimes you have to go on your gut instinct ( sorry) and really dig your heels in when facing doctors. It's a natural instinct to accept a diagnosis, after all they are doctors, they must know what they're talking about..... But, not always.

I truely sympathise re the cannula. I had chemo this time last year and the cannula wasn't in properly, the chemo soaked into my wrist. I won't elaborate but I'm sure you get the picture😁

I have Cerebellar Ataxia, this is a condition that's also poorly understood. The average doctor is ill equipped to diagnose it and I was wrongly diagnosed for many years.

Again, I'm sorry you had to suffer so much prolonged pain. Now that you've had such extensive investigation, I suspect the outcome will be much better😊

Best wishes 😊xBeryl

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