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Hi everyone! Intro might be long I hope someone might help??

Hi my name is Yaz I'm 26 mom of four :)

2 yrs ago I had my last son and about 5 months after having him I got a heavy period that surprised my doctor. I bled all over his exam room :(

They checked me tgrough a prlvic exam and said everything was okay sent me to get an ultrasound and again everything was okay

Had abnormal periods bad cramping back pains and pelvic and leg pains since then.

I went on to have another ultrasound vaginal ultrasound about a while back again and again everything was normal no cysts in the ovaries, papa were normal these last two years.


Here are my symptoms:

Labor like pains starts from that lower back to my pelvic region

Irregular periods (3 this month and lasting long too)

Weird fleshy/bloody discharge

Period blood smells foul something that never happened before

Pelvic pain/pressure

Sometimes I feel like a ball moves around inbetween my groin area


Extreme anxiety/depression since all this started but I've also been under a lot of stress which is what doctors have been brushing it off and saying this is why I feel all this.

The thing is I had cervical cancer stage 1 before that was removed with surgery almost 9 yrs ago

Is it just my body being over stressed I am overweight I'm working on loosing the weight.

I'll be making a doctors appointment tomorrow since I started bleeding again last night.

If anyone has any idea or similar experience please let me know :)

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Hi Yaz. I am 53 now but after I had my two children I had heavy periods (perhaps not quite as bad as yours sound) for the remainder of my fertile life (I am post menopause now). I also suffered really bad PMT for about 2 weeks out of every month right up to menopause. I think I have read it somewhere that being overweight can cause heavier periods but not sure. I can understand why you would be so concerned if you have already had cervical cancer, could you not see a gynaecological oncologist to put your mind completely at rest? Sorry can't be more help other than to say that having children does seem to change periods and cause them to be heavier than they used to be. Do you have a coil fitted? If so, may be that could be causing these problems.


Hi Sinfree,

First, wow!! That long with heavy periods how did you do it?!?

Thank you for your reply.

I only had that first initial monstrous bleed, that one time and the following have been fairly decent to just minor bleeding that last 2 weeks.

I will be making an appointment today.


I'm just really frightened that this went on for too long and there won't be much they can do.

Everyone around me keeps telling me to be positive, that with everything I've been through these last two years my body is bound to act up.


There is always the fear what if the cancer came back and it has spread rather quickly like the first time.

I want a light at the end of the tunnel that everything will be okay.

I hope you have a great day today, thank you once again.



Oh and I don't do birth control for the fact that my doctor thought the hormones in my birth control from the time around the cervical cancer, was what advanced the cancer so quickly in the span of 8 months.


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