Stomach hurting on and off ?

okay , so since Friday , my stomach has been hurting on and off . on Friday , i had drank a venti frap from starbucks and my stomach started to hurt really bad but then i took a tums and it went away . but right after that , i started having bad cramps (my period ended on Wednesday btw) and i took iIbuprofen and it took a while for it to go away . but then on Saturday , it started up again , but it went away but came back and went away and etc . and it's doing it today too . what's going on ?

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I too have suffered severe stomach cramps, no periods I'm older but living on Rennies at moment, can't be right. Made an appointment to see GP Monday, maybe you should see yours. Watch this space for results (well I hope).

Take care

Take care elise 02

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