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Bloated , but protected ?

Uhmm .. First time posting !

I had protected sex for the first time 4 weeks ago .. In the first week , my boobs really hurts that i cant even touch them ! I'm so really nervous that I might pregnant , so I took HPT and it was negative.. And in the second week , my boyfriend finger me ! Later on , I got my period .. It really is so painful in my lower abdomen and my lower back ! I think it's just normal for me because I'm experiencing those in my normal menstrual days .. After 5 days , I'm already done with my period . Then after a week , I feel really bloated ! Even though , I only eat a little ! Holy , it's really bloated ! And I often fart lately . then , I'm having a really hard time on pooping ! I have to put so much effort just to make my pooping successful .. And in my genital area i feel really itchy and umm like a burning sensation every now and then .. I had discharges from clear , a little bit yellowish and a little bit smelly and like a white sticky powderish-like ! Later on .. I'm really concerned whether I'm pregnant or not .. So I took HPT for the second time around , early in the morning ! And it was negative ! I'm quite nervous , I feel really bloated and gaining weight in the same time ! What could this be ? Help !

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When in continuous discomfort the best course of action is to make an appt

with your GP.


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