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tips on focusing on the belly

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trying to lose this belly in 2023! Need help people!

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Hello Sarahslater and welcome to the forum :)

I would say concentrate on overall weight loss, see how you go, then go for an exercise programme to tone you up. Find a weight loss/eating plan you can stick to for good so you don't get into the losing/gaining cycle. You'll find members with different approaches around the forum. The Daily Diary would be a good place to start, and you could join the weigh in on the day of your choice.

You'll find them and all our other activities by following this link to Pinned Posts. Scroll through them all so you see what's on offer.

But remember, it's pretty quiet at present, with the Christmas festivities :)

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miss this body

Me around the time of my wedding
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This belly has got to go !

This is me now
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It will go along with any other extra pounds :)

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What will go along ? What do you mean?

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Welcome to the forum, I am new here too

Think what BridgeGirl is saying is to concentrate on losing weight and the belly will go as well as long as you do an exercise programme to tone up the belly as well :)

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oh ok got it!

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I love your cat by the way

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The belly could well be due to inflammation of the gut and not just fat. Google foods that cause inflammation and you'll find close to the top on most lists are white bread, sugar and refined seed oils. To avoid refined seed oils usd olive oil, coconut oil or avocado oil and avoid processed foods.

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Zumba . Tune into You Tube and dance .

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