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Having another go!

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HelenbrcRestart January 2022

Morning all I’m trying to focus having had a bad few weeks

Today I weigh


Not sure what I weighed before but I know I haven’t lost any Im intending to weigh in every Saturday

Have s nice day all x

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Hi Helenbrc, nice to see you haven't given up. Why not pop into the weigh in and start straight away. I see from your profile that you have weighed in on a Tuesday and a Wednesday in the past. Whilst there's nothing wrong with that you might find sticking to one day and getting to know everyone else on that one day really helps.

Here's the link to the pinned posts, you'll find the weigh-in listed there. It's for w/b 17th January, Part 3.


Go on, you can do it 😁 xx

Ps, if you click on your profile you can see all your last posts and replies, that will give you all previous weighing in stats xx

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HelenbrcRestart January 2022 in reply to springersrule

Thank you for your reply how do I pop into weigh in?

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springersruleModerator in reply to Helenbrc

Click on the blue link in my reply then click on the Weigh in title. That will take you to the post. Read the intro and click the blue reply button to join in. Once you've done that scroll up and start chatting to the other members too 💖 xx

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Melbourne682022 January

Keep it up and well done

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