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I,m getting there.

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Bronearth2021 June

This is me....... Have lost two and a half stone. All by myself and i feel good. I have multiple sclerosis so i am not as active as i would like to be. The thing is there are another two and a half stones to go, and i dont think they want to leave me. Sad but there it is. My friends love me, my husband thinks i,m fab and my two scottie dogs think i am queen of the pack. I dont love me and i feel like a beached whale most of the time. THIS IS ME.

Thank you for reading,

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Zendaya2021 March

Two and a half stone loss is amazing! Well done! That is not an easy achievement. Maybe after such a big weight loss your body is saying that's enough and is starting to plateaux. I am by no means an expert and there are people in this group who will be able to help you much more than I can, but sometimes it can be that we don't eat enough and our bodies go in to a reserve mode and that makes it hard to lose any more weight. Your diet sounds really healthy but maybe look at any hidden sugars in your food, any ultra processed foods or refined carbs. These can all sabotage our weight loss....but also look at the positives. You have done so well ! X

Well done on you're loss, I'm sure others will reply to your post.Sometimes the last amount can be the hardest.

Good luck with you journey.


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Bronearth2021 June in reply to gman1961

Hi, Thankyou for reading my post. I know this is the last chance saloon, so i have to.

Well done on your weight loss! What plan/lifestyle are you using to lose weight? I find low carb suits me most and gets the best results.

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Pinkette7lbs in reply to Missdoubleyou

Thank you Miss doubleyou, I'm doing calorie counting with the NHS app

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Bronearth2021 June in reply to Missdoubleyou

Good morning on a sunny warm back garden.You asked my eating plan, well here it is.

No foods with added sugars.

No bread.

No potatoes.

No white carbs at all.

Loads of veg.

Plenty of water

Currys can be so tasty yet so healthy and filling.

Dressings for salads home made......yummy.

Fruit as snacks.

Think of the med diet and thats it.

Health wise, your body will thank you for it.

Learn to enjoy fresh foods cooked by you. The weight does come of nice and slowly. The best of all is your purse will thank you for it too,



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LythamAdministrator in reply to Bronearth

MASSIVE well done on your loss so far, you might like to join our Daily Diary to post your meal plans for the day? You'll find it under Pinned Posts :-) x


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PamedRestart Dec 2020 in reply to Bronearth

Wow way to go girlie so pleased you have lost so much weight congratulations and very very well done , please can i ask what you eat for breakfast, thank you in advance xx

Well done on your weight loss, you've done fantastic, try and focus on how well you have done and break down what you need to lose into small losses like say 7lbs in so many weeks , I know its hard for you with having MS, I have a daughter that has it and I know her struggles with her weight especially when she needs to take large doses of steroids, and isn't able to exercise, just be kind to yourself your doing great xx

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morelessAdministrator in reply to Pinkette

Hi and welcome, Pinkette :)

All of the information you need about the forum can be found in Pinned Posts healthunlocked.com/weight-l... and we hope you'll be joining all the Events, Challenges and Clubs that we run, especially a weigh-in and the daily diary.

If you haven't already taken it, here's a tour of the forum healthunlocked.com/?tour=true

We've found active participation to be key to successful weight loss and, of course, it's a good way to get to know people, find inspiration and share support and encouragement.

Wishing you all the best :)

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Pinkette7lbs in reply to moreless

Thank you moreless, I been on the pinned site and did a post on it, would it be better for me to weigh in from Friday to Friday

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morelessAdministrator in reply to Pinkette

Hi Pinkette, I see that you've posted your stats on today's weigh-in, so it would be best if you stick to the Friday weigh-in for future posts. That way you'll get to know the other Feel Good Friday Folk and you'll be able to follow and support each other on your journeys :)

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Pinkette7lbs in reply to moreless

Thank you moreless, Feel good Friday sounds great to me

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Bronearth2021 June in reply to Pinkette

Thanks for that. Yes the steroids can give you hunger pangs 24/7. My diet is the best i can give myself for the MS. Have got to the stage that i dont even look at cakes and sweets. How i managed that? i dont know. I have had breast cancer, and that was my wake up call. The doctor wants me down to 9stone. Have looked at photos of me at that weight and i do look ok. My body is like a beach whale when i am undressed, and that i dont like. This i think makes me sound vain, but i,m not. Thank you so much.Bronearth xx


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Pinkette7lbs in reply to Bronearth

Please don't beat yourself up Bronearth about how you look, you sound like a beautiful person to me and you're sure to be going through the mill with your health, here's wishing you a good week!

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Well done you should be proud to have lost that amount, I lost two stone and I am trying to lose more. It is not easy, but it is not worth making yourself miserable. I started to lose because of being breathless, good luck for your future.

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PamedRestart Dec 2020 in reply to san_ray70

Wow that’s an amazing achievement well done please can I ask what diet are you on xx

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