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Roasted cauliflower with tahini dressing


Maybe this dish was slightly autumnal given the temperature of 29c today! But after watching the Attenborough documentary, Extinction, at the weekend, one of my pledges is to cook food that is more local and seasonal. So maybe avocados may become an occasional buy from now on...

To make this dish, break up a small cauliflower into florets and put into a roasting tin. Add a red onion, quartered, some shredded greens, a tin of borlotti beans (recipe said chick peas but I'm saving them to make hummus). Add 2 tsps each of cumin and coriander, 1tsp of smoked paprika, chopped fresh ginger, 1 tsp sea salt. Drizzle 2 tbsp olive oil over the top then give it a good stir.

Bake in oven - 180c - for 45mins, turning half way through. In the interim, make the dressing: 2 tbsps tahini, juice of lemon, 2 tbsp olive oil, pinch salt. When veg is roasted, pour the dressing over the top and sprinkle with fresh coriander and a handful of toasted pumpkin seeds.

Recipe from The Green Roasting Tin by Rukmini Iyer.

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LythamSuper Host 3st

Ooh that looks good, is tahini spicy? :-) x

monday1957Maintainer in reply to Lytham

Hi Lytham and tahini on its own I actually find quite bland (it's sesame paste). However, when you add olive oil, lemon juice or tamari , it transforms it and its nutty taste seems to come out more. As a vegetarian, it's a good source of protein, too (22% protein) - but is high in calories 😏

LythamSuper Host 3st in reply to monday1957

Ooh I'll remember that, I like nutty flavours, thanks hun x

monday1957Maintainer in reply to Lytham

They sell it near the peanut butter usually 👍🏼

...and of course, it's a key ingredient in hummus!

LythamSuper Host 3st in reply to monday1957

Thanks, I'll keep my eye open for that :-) x

Hopalong15 stone

Sounds tasty :)


This looks really tasty, I love cauliflower. Have never used tahini but like the sound of a 'nutty' flavour :)


I agree with you about eating seasonally. As well as being more environmentally sound, it means we have things to look forward to e.g. asparagus in spring, Cox's apples in autumn/winter. I've never enjoyed strawberries out of our season.

I do like the look of this but I've never been happy when I've roasted cauliflower. It always ends up rather rubbery

monday1957Maintainer in reply to BridgeGirl

The roasted cauliflower in today’s dish was firm but melted in the mouth. I think as it gets coated in the oil and spices, that stops it from being rubbery. 🌻

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to monday1957

I'll give it a try. Maybe I don't put enough oil on it. Cauliflower is my favourite veg

Looks tasty, and good point about eating locally and with the seasons. I love tahini (usually in smoothies) :)

Looks great! Yes that documentary was eye opening- we do our best to make reasonable choices but learned there is so much more we can do! Especially with food miles. Is Tahini something you use in many meals? I bought Harissa thinking I would use it, then couldn’t find the recipe I planned any more... so it’s sitting in the cupboard waiting for Daily Diary inspirations 😊

monday1957Maintainer in reply to SewMore

Hi Sarah73uk - I make my own hummus so tahini goes in that. When I used to eat bread, I sometimes spread it on toast with a pinch of salt.

Harissa I use in shakshuka, or if I’m making veggie Bolognese and fancy a bit of a kick in the sauce.

SewMore16kg in reply to monday1957

Thanks I will have a go 😊

Sounds yummy

dorsetdumplingRestart Sept 2020

Oh that looks soooo good

So yummy... wonderful lunch idea. We can do variations with clarified butter or unsalted butter instead of olive and cheese.....just to make it like keto dish :)

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