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Need to lose weight due to ttc

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Hi Guys, New here. I am overweight/obese and currently ttc with my partner. my Gynae needs me to lose weight as i may need IVF. My BMI is currently 45/46 and need to get down to 35 or less. I do go to the gym 5x a week. Really looking for a low carb diet that will work. i am going to start on lighter life meal replacement shakes to help due to i don't eat many meals. Really would like peoples advice or help. I ALSO SUFFER WITH PCOS

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Hello Lizzy0921 and welcome to the forum 😊

If you want to turn things around, real, wholesome food is the way to look after your body and lose weight healthily, and in a way you can sustain.

A low carbohydrate approach is recommended for PCOS so I agree with you, it's a good choice. It's important you know that, along with reducing carbs, you need to increase healthy fats. This goes against what we've been told for decades but will definitely point you in the right direction.

Please go to this forum and ask for their support, as you have done here

Here's a website you might find helpful with recipes

Back to this forum: this Welcome Newbies post explains how the forum works and will help you find your way around Please take your time reading it so you get the best out of your time here.

There are many forum members who have lost, or are losing, the sort of weight you want to lose so have hope, be kind to yourself, take time to read the information I've given you and then make your move.

Wishing you all the best and I hope you become an active and supportive member of the forum 😊

Hello! Just wanted to drop in and say you’re not alone! We’re also trying (and failing) for a baby and I struggle with PCOS. I try to stick to wholegrain starches where possible and limit myself to one fist-sized portion starchy food when practical to do so. I have found that the British Heart Foundation Facts Not Fads Plan (google it) works very well for me as I don’t have to count calories. I have lost 40lb doing this so far even while off metformin for lots of that time. I’m hoping to get my BMI under 35 by mid-February (10lb to go).

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