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Daily Diary 16th October 2017

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Dear diary,

I have been doing daily workout every evening for over 2 weeks now (it is a 30 day bed time workout routine I found on Pinterest) today is day 16 and I haven’t really seen any difference.

I weighed myself last week and had lost a lb but have put it back on this past week.

I’ve stopped eating chocolate and crisps, no takeouts. But I have been having ramen and noodles. I know these aren’t particularly healthy for you either but my portion sizes are smaller now too. I’m in the healthy portion of my BMI and this makes me happy but I feel that the way I am going I will end up in the overweight section.

I am in the top half of my BMI and I don’t want to put on any more weight. I am currently 11.2stone and want to be at either 9.5 or 10 stone.

Has anyone got any advice on what I need to do? I am almost the same weight as my boyfriend (not saying he is fat or anything but it is a scary thought to be the same weight as him) - if I have a bad day (like a couple of weeks ago) I tend to go crazy eating junk food. I binge eat when I feel down and depressed and it’s an endless circle. I have been good And whenever I have wanted to binge eat I have been going for some watermelon or berries rather than eating crap. (Chocolates)

I have a good balanced diet at home and would have thought the additional workouts at home on top of my dancing would seriously help with my toning up/weight loss.

What is everyone’s suggestions? I am open to anything.


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Why don't you log onto our Daily Diary, where you can get ideas from other people's menus and where we can have a look at yours and see where they can be tweaked?

You could join a weigh-in, for accountability?

It will be what you eat, rather than your exercise, that will determine your weight loss, so that's seems to be where you need to concentrate your efforts.

Good luck! :)

Moreless is right, HarukoGina . Weight loss has far more to do with what you eat and how much, rather than exercise. There are several people on this forum who have a range of disabilities and can’t exercise, but they still manage to lose weight because they carefully watch what they eat. I’m sure someone will soon point you in the direction of the NHS 12week plan, and advise you to work out how many calories you need to stay under in order to lose weight. We are all testament to the fact that it really works! Good luck!

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