Dog-Jog and Walk

Dog-Jog and Walk

Out early with Rusty who is fully recovered from yesterday's tummy trouble. We walked/jogged from Preston Park to the edge of the South Downs and back via Hove Park, Three Cornered Copse, Green Ridge, Coney Wood and Withdean Park. Here are the stats: 198 minutes, 25000 steps, 12 miles, 152 floors and over 50 % in the cardio/peak zone. Rusty is on the copse which has a steep gradient, ideal for power walking up and running down. Who needs a gym when all this is free? Daisy1925

2 Replies

  • Wow, it sounds as if you are both really fit.

  • Glad he's feeling better. There are some really impressive stats there, week done.

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