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Advice realllly needed!!


Hi All, new to this so bare with me..

I have struggled with regular periods for as long as I can remember until recently, I am 23. I started bleeding around 40 days ago, it was ridiculously heavy to the point I was changing every 10-20 minutes throughout the day and night. Doctors did some tests and came back to say I was anemic (surprise surprise)

I have since been given Utovlan tablets to stop the bleeding which have slowed it down but it is still continuing and Tramadol for the pain. The Gyno says I have polycystic ovaries but my symptoms don't seem to add up to the ones I have read about online and I don't even know how he has come to that conclusion considering he didn't even look at my Ultrasound results! He suggested having a coil fitted so I have an appointment for that the week after next.

I just wanted to know if anyone else has had this before as i seem to get nowhere with the doctors and I am really starting to get down about it as it seems to be never ending!

Any help appreciated

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Have you considered having surgery for the period issues?

amy_16 in reply to Activity2004

do you think thats an option? doctors have been really unhelpful, i just want to know if i will bleed forever or if it will stop! i would defo give surgery a try if it would stop the pain

Activity2004 in reply to amy_16

Ask for an ablation. It will help with the bleeding. You may have some pain after the surgery, but you can take meds. for that. I had the surgery for heavy bleeding and I have other medical issues, so the doctor made it so I don't have children ( you don't have to get that part).

hi amy 16 i have just looked online about ablation surgery according to the british heart foundation web site the ablation surgery is used on people with heart conditions you could confirm it with your GP just to be on the safe side. i have suffered with pcos since i was a teenager i am now 48 years i still suffer with heavy periods and migraine attacks and backache i have had no help from any GP i have done everything myself if you go on the pill it usally helps, or the coil but the final option is a hystraectomy which is the last resort but if you want children in the future then the best thing is to go on the pill that usally helps to slow down the bleeding but as for the pain i take strong painkillers they really do help, you are still young and you might want children in the future so talk your GP. one question do you get unwanted hair if so also talk to your GP about that too. if you want loose weight there is this lady who reserched pcos and there is a pcos diet to help you loose weight the website is and theirs another website is receipes for pcos it's try it out and let me know how you get on.

amy_16 in reply to freyja12

hello, thank you for replying

I read about PCOS online and it always just says irregular periods but mine isnt exactly a 'period' unless you count 40 days continual bleeding as one. I wondered if yours have ever lasted that long?

I was on the pill but the doctors said to stop taking it because i have to take the combined one which could make me spot. I am overweight and was doing really well on slimming world, i lost about 3 stone in 4 months but have come to a complete stop now. I have no energy or motivation because I'm constantly feeling tired and rundown. I will look on that website and see about changing my diet to that. i have no unwanted hair or anything, but know that is an obvious symptom of PCOS and everyone i have spoken to suffers from it so that made me wonder if mine is really PCOS? I have noticed a lot of spots over my arms but i think that may be due to the Utovlan tablets I am taking at the moment. I am going back to my GP next week to see what the next step is because they just prescribed me the Utovlan and painkillers and sent me on my way! What happens when i run out of tablets and start bleeding heavy again!!

I may be looking into things a bit too much but the doctors are really no help.

i have had heavy periods as long as i remember i had no help from my doctors i just carried on and i took over the counter tablets slovadean max deslovable tablets and they are fast acting they are really good as for as for the heavy bleeding well i just carry as normal the doctors don't help me with anything. i had an email form tarry who is the lady that did reserch on pcos and the diet well she was saying that if you take vitamin d it can help the irregulerities of the menstrual cycle and it also helps with the sucess of pregancy so why don't you try it and see if that helps, let me know how you get on.

I would consider the combined pill again and try different sorts - I do 2 months on the trot (would do 3 but kept spotting), it takes 3-6 months for it to settle down as well. I am on yasmin and it controls the pcos symptoms really well

I recently had another ultrasound which has not shown PCOS but it has shown a Polyp; although my blood test results show signs of PCOS!

The hospital are being very unhelpful, i am still on tramadol up to 3 or 4 times a day for the pain and feel like this is ruining my life! i cannot go out or to work without being in pain now and it seems to have got worse. The hospital keep telling me that it is nothing to worry about, but I feel they should be doing something else to help me because it has been nearly 2 months now but nothing has really progressed! :(

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