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Major hair fall and alot of unwanted hair growth in body😭😭


This pcos is ruining my life ..I've discovered I have PCOS when I was 14 to and now I'm 20 to and it seems to get worse than better !! I'm half bald and neither I tried omega 3 pills or biotin pills and iron pills or spirulina or medical control birth pills or diets and gym also ....none of them work & I've been fighting the pcos symptoms abt 5 years ago ..I suffer alot I don't wanna be be bald still not married & ending up all my relationships bcz of mood swings and self confidence issues make things even worse's so painful idk what to do 😔😔 someone help me pls!!!! .......about the excess hair growth on my body I think I'm going to try the laser romoval definitive treatment :/

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Diet is key to improving the symptoms so stick to low GI, I like theanswertopcos diet, it the only one I have lost weight on, but other ladies have lost weight and their symptoms have improved considerably, I am on the combined pill so this keeps the majority of my symptoms under control, so didnt notice a difference symptom wise.

Hi there,

I have tried laser hair removal and did 8 sessions of my stomach and it didn’t work. What helps a lot is peppermint tea and yes omega 3. I take inositol capsules, vitamin D3 and omega 3. I have been taking these for almost a year and have notice the growth slow down. You need to take them everyday and it will take a while but 6-12 months you should notice a different. Also turmeric and yes spearmint tea. Check out this blog she is amazing and has lots of time on hair growth and balancing hormones.

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Can you take inositol with metformin

I know how you feel my hair growth is ruining my life too 😩

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