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Medication for PCOS


Hi All, hope you're well. So I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was at University. I'm 30 now. Just over a year ago I had a gastric bypass and have lost a significant amount of weight. Since then my periods have become very irregular, I feel like my excess hair has got worse and my moods are all over the place. My surgeon advised to come off of metformin prior to my surgery as I felt no benefit to it. I've seen my GP who initially suggested going back on metformin. He's since said they have changed the advice for PCOS sufferers and metformin is no longer recommended. He's sent me for a scan and has asked a specialist for an opinion. I very much get the impression that because I'm not trying to conceive imminently that he's not interested in understanding why my symptoms have got worse. I'd be grateful for any advice and to hear if anyone has had similar experiences. Thank you.

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I think there is not much they can / will do for people PCOS unless your trying to conceive. My doctor suggested going back onto the pill which they suggested to me (but I came off it as we're trying to conceive - so pointless really!) but I'm not sure if that depends on the severity of the PCOS. I know a lot of people say diet helps - low GI diet / low white carb. Not sure if trying that may help?

Good luck x

Louise6 in reply to Kicksy1990

Thanks for your response. I wasn't trying to conceive when I was put on metformin previously so I wonder why they did. There must have been some benefit. My diet is already so restricted because of my bypass - I've never eaten this well! My PCOS is stopping me from losing anymore weight so I thought perhaps metformin (or I've been reading a lot about berberine) may help me. It just doesn't seem right that my symptoms have got so much worse with weight loss. They should be improving.

Kicksy1990 in reply to Louise6

It's a frustrating problem to have so I know your pain! I too can't get under a certain weight. I'm going back to the doctors to get more answers or get referred. Maybe worth going back to see what they say? Sometimes you have to put your foot down I think...hope it gets better for you 😊

Louise6 in reply to Kicksy1990

Thank you. I've got bloods again this week as my thyroid is also borderline underactive so they are re testing. My GP has sent my results and my scan results to a specialist so really hoping for some answers or a referral soon. Good luck xx

Hi I leave this same comment for other people. I tried various things to manage my symptoms and the best thing for me was minera coil (if ur not ttc) u need to give it a few months for the hormone to work but it really balanced me out. Xx

Louise6 in reply to Ding_0202

Thank you. I'll read into it. I guess I've been reluctant to put any hormones in my body until I understood what has changed to cause this onset of symptoms when I was absolutely fine before my weight loss surgery. Appreciate the response, glad it worked for you x

Ding_0202 in reply to Louise6

It weightloss will be the trigger ur weight and pcos as far as I have been told are linked. I lost weight on the coil cause it managed my hormones gave me more enegery and jst made me better. Ur trigger will likely be weightloss u could ride it out to see if ur body balances itself out but i did that on off for yrs and in my 19 yrs with pcos the coil has the only thing that's worked. I know what u mean about hormones though. If u want to go down the herbal route look into environ accumax pills they wud clear wud clear it skin (expensive) and then all the b complex omega Insitol etc xx

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