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Pcos trying to conceived

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Hi there I have pcos and I want to get pregnant but it's hard I want to ask is there any help or some pills to help to get pregnant I'm not getting always period and I want to ask if like this I can get pregnant can someone tell me what to do please

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I recommend Inofolic Alpha and you need to monitor your ovulation by taking your basal body temperature and ovulation tests and have intercourse around the time of ovulation. Good luck! x

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I was told I would never conceive and had extremely irregular periods. When my husband and I decided we wanted to try I started taking folic acid and changed my diet to as healthy as possible. I came off the pill, and went into it with the attitude that if it happened it happened, if it didn’t then there were other options. I was surprised when I came off the pill at the beginning of September and found out I was pregnant towards the end of October. I have since found out I have another condition (APS) which can cause lots of pregnancy issues. It is possible, just try to stay relaxed, as by putting pressure on yourself, the stress can cause problems itself. My daughter is now 12. Unfortunately due to the APS I was told not to have any more children, as there was a high risk that I could form life threatening blood clots, which could harm both myself and the baby. I’m just so happy to have my daughter. Best of luck to you x

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Hi Mijo1998I am very newly diagnosed with PCOS and tried for 4 years before finally getting pregnant and passing through the 12 week mark. I have been recommended a supplement which helps with hormonal imbalance so can help all sorts of issues from pcos to menopause! I'm waiting for mine to arrive so can't comment on the effects yet but if interested it's called myo-inositol this helps regulate cycles and if you get pain/inflammation I'd advise a foliate and b12 combo too. Hope this helps!

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get your dr to refer you to an endocrinologist so you can get the right tests done such as electrolytes , hbac1 , thyroid ,SPE ,CRP ,ESR , Cortisol etc these will determine what is going on and determine what types of pcos you have so you can target those issues. Start a pcos diet immediately consisting of good amount of lowering carb consumption , more veggies , good protein and good fats with every meal, this diet will help you feel fuller for longer , give more energy , lower blood sugar thus lowering testosterone and improving periods and hormone function Purchase Myo and D chiro inositol from Freak athletics on their website or through Amazon, take 1 scoop in a still hot or cold beverage with your meal for breakfast and then again for dinner you lady meal of the day. Myo and D chiro inositol lowers blood sugar levels , lowers testosterone levels if high , regulate periods , improves fertility, improves mood , depletes cravings and excess hunger. You Must buy this specific product as this one is of good quality and has the right ratio, I have looked high and low to find this perfect brand and ratio. The 40:1 ratio of Myo and D-chiro will give you much better results than just taking Myo inositol alone. Start weight training , weight training will improve sleep , mood , blood sugar levels , testosterone levels and hunger I suggest you follow pcos nutritionists and dieticians on Instagram such as @a.cyster.and.her.mister , @pcos.weightloss , @pcos_supportgroup , @the.pcos.nutritionist and @docs_sznajder_gandolfo These have proven to be the most helpful, they can support and guide you with further help ,I hope this helps

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in 2013 i was diagnosed with a condition which stops you to conceive . although i had a son couple of years before this diagnosis . anyway as knowing that i was telling everyone i couldn’t have children such an emotional rollercoaster having to cope with knowing this news also dealing with the loss of my son before knowing this news it’s been a hard few years until at the beginning of this year on the 2nd of January i started to feel unwell and being sick i thought to myself i can’t be pregnant because of my ovaries anyway a few days went by i still felt ill . i called my mum and told her to get me a pregnancy test anyway she come give me the test and i went and did it straight away and waited and i couldn’t believe what i was seeing 2lines 🥺🥲🥲🥲 i told my partner he didn’t believe the test was accurate so i did another one and another 2lines . then i went to the hospital and they confirmed everything even the nurse broke down in tears after i told her my loss and condition . we was both so emotional and said MIRACLES DO REALLY HAPPEN 🙏 anyone who was like me thinking they can’t have children due to a condition it will happen one day god will grant you your family

have faith always

#miriclebaby #pcosawareness #pcospregnancy #pcossupport

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I never ovulated and so didn’t have a natural period due to PCOS. I was prescribed metformin and clomid which together helped me to ovulate and have periods. I then had metformin alone to regulate periods and maintain a monthly cycle. Good luck!

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