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Hair growth and other symptoms


Pcos has affected my life in too many ways. I have lots of unwanted facial and hair on my belly. Painful acne. I have irregular periods and it seems I have pms for two weeks but never know for sure when I will get my period. I go through stages where all I do is sleep then have insomnia. I want to feel better. Been taking Metformin for a long time. Dr says exercise but trying to find motivation or energy. I am working on cleaning up my diet! Emotionally it affects me as I was not able to have children and now it's too late. I'm 41 and can just barely take care of myself. Thank you for listening to me. Everyone else is tired of my complaining. I used to be a sweet person but when hormones take over I don't even want to be around myself😥

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Don't listen to them. If everyone doesn't want to hear you "complaining", tell them to look in a mirror and see how it is with PCOS. Sometimes, life isn't fair and they need to understand that.

Thank you! I really want to feel like myself....whoever I am

You're welcome! How's your day going so far today??

My day was ok having lots of tummy issues. And trying to change my profile pic it won't let me. Hope u have a great day😊

Sorry about the tummy issues. How's it going otherwise?

For the profile pic., go to your pictures section of your phone, computer, etc. and download one. It may take a few tries. My profile pic. is my cat! This took a few tries, but it finally let me do it.

I'm ok. Feeling down today. I have up days and down days. Some days just want to sleep. I still can't change my profile pic there is no button to upload! Ah well! Hope you have a great day!

Go to the profile section of the site and click where it says upload picture. Instead of a smiley face icon, it should let you put any picture you want in its place. It may take a few tries, but it can be done. It worked after 5 tries for me!

Thanks! Maybe the upload button will appear!!! 😊

See what happens and let me know. Go and find the picture you want to use. It may have to be not very big, but something that everyone (including yourself) can see on the site whenever you post or reply to a posting.

I'm not sure but there is no button to tap to change it 😥 I keep selecting edit profile but it doesn't let me change the picture!!!

Do I have to have a follower or something? Hmmm I'm baffled

I use my phone AND computer. Do you have an iPhone?

Yes an iPhone!

i use an IPHONE, it's because I use a DEXCOM CGM for blood sugar control.

Oh I'm not sure what that is but I also have iPhone. Hope you are having a good day! 😊

Continuous Glucose Monitor. It's for diabetes control.

Oh I see! I hope it helps you. So it uses your iPhone?

Yes, but followers can use Android phones.

I see why now it's because I'm on a phone not a pc 😁

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