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New to this, not confused

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Hi girls,

I had a laparoscopic surgery on Friday for suspected endometriosis.

I was pleased to learn that I don't have it as there is absolutely no trace of it in my body. That was a huge relieve.

The gyne said that my pain was caused by oversized ovaries probably due to polykystique ovary syndrome.

He said that he drilled them to empty and flatten them... Or something like that (I was still a bit out of it because of the anesthesia)

Has anybody had that done?

What is my next step to be properly diagnose?

I had suspected PCOS twice, once on an ultrasound and once due to AMH level really high but because I don't have any of the symptoms Gp said it was something else.

I did you help as I am confused now

Thanks in advance


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Are your periods irregular? If so, when do you get them?

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Snad in reply to Activity2004

They never use to be regular but I have been on contraceptive pills for 13years and without a period for 3years

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Activity2004 in reply to Snad

This might definitely be PCOS seeing you've never been regular with the periods. Mine were not that regular, but I was put on bc because of that and other health reasons, but I had been off of them now for a while since I had surgery and made the periods less heavy and not as long. Before the surgery, I kept having my periods heavy and last too long. You don't spend almost all your time in the bathroom when you do have your period, right? If you do, tell your doctor you want to set up an appointment right away and see what else can be done.

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Snad in reply to Activity2004

I have an appointment with the gyne in 2 weeks so I will talk with him about it all

Thanks a lot for your answers and support

It's so hard to get appointment with specialist these days, I'm glad there is forums to get some help

I'm in france at the moment but ill book an appointment with gp as soon as I'm back in the UK and I have an appointment with gyne at the end of November so hopefully that will help

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