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Struggling with pcos!



I was diagnosed with PCOS around 2 years ago now when I was 19. I'd always had irregular periods and quite a masculine physique so at the time I was grateful to finally have an explanation!

The thing is now I'm really starting to struggle with my symptoms. I was on the pill (Rigevidon) for around a year to control my cycle but it made me feel really low and emotional so I stopped taking it. I can just about handle the irregularity of my cycle but the mood swings it brings with it when it eventually does happen are getting worse - last month I cried for 3 hours because my family (who I don't even live with anymore!) went to the cinema without me!!

I'm also really now starting to really struggle with the physical effects. I don't struggle with my weight at all and I've just about managed to get the spots under control for the most part, but I am exceptionally flat chested and have very thick hair - while I'm lucky enough that it doesn't grow on my face etc, it can be very uncomfortable and grows back really quickly if I remove it. Whilst I'm used to it, it makes me extremely self-conscious and I'm very aware that it causes me to avoid relationships etc.

When I was diagnosed it was very much a case of "you have pcos, goodbye" and I was left to my own devices from there. I think I'm getting stuck in a bit of a vicious cycle with it all so any tips / advice anyone has would be very much appreciated!

Thanks :)

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I'm sorry your feeling rubbish about your PCOS. I'm there to at the moment after feeling quite positive for a while - so I know your pain!

Almost everyone on here comes on saying that it was very much a case of "you have PCOS - good bye!" Which is so frustrating! From what I heard a low GI diet helps. And laser treatment for hair may possibly help? But I've personally not tried it myself. I've stuck to just sensitive hair remover for my facial hair ☹️ but it works enough! I just have to keep doing it when it comes back.

I hope it gets better for you

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I've just started a laser hair removal course only to be told it will be 50% less effective because of my PCOS! Annoying but better than nothing.

Hi, before I was diagnosed I was on rigevidon. I hadn't appreciated the moods I had until I came off it and feel much better in myself. If you are not trying to conceive it may be worth seeing if there is another pill you can take which doesn't mess with your moods as much xx

Im in the exact same boat as you in every way. I havent managed the spot control part though. Im glad im not the only person who is going through what I am amd can relate. I was wondering how you deal with the hair growth and spots? Ive managed to deal with my weight and other things. I found cutting soya out helps as it flairs all symptoms up!!

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I think the spots gradually got less bad as I came out the other side of puberty but they do flare up quite badly when my hormones are fluctuating! I try to be consistent with my face wash routine though, so I use Simple 'Kind to Skin Moisturising Face Wash' once a day (twice if the spots are bad) and make sure when I take my make up off I'm properly washing my face with water rather than just using a make up wipe (this part made a huge difference for me!) and then I use Nivea 'Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream' after every face wash. I've found that using these products which are "kind to skin" and sometimes not designed purely for face (the Nivea is a whole body one) are a LOT more effective than products which claim to be spot-killers!

Managing hair growth is still a mystery to me though! I've tried everything, I had reactions to hair removal creams and waxing so that just leaves me with shaving. If you're anything like me though the hair grows back SO FAST! I'm not exaggerating when I say if I shave my legs/underarms in the morning by night time they're not smooth anymore - it's crazy! It grows back so dark and itchy as well. I was told using conditioner and/or moisturiser makes the hair softer - these didn't work for me but it might for you!

I hope that's helpful :)

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