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Has anyone had bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy?


I've been having chronic pelvic pain for quite along time now. Was diagnosed with PC IS IN 2012. Have had scans ultrasounds and an exploitative laporoscopy and nothing was found. Have been on combined pill, mini pill, implant, drop and currently have the coil in. The mini pill helped my pain for around 3 years then it came back 10 times worse. I'm on painkillers everyday but even they don't take pain away completely. I was given ZOLEDEX which completely elevated my pain but was only given that for 3 months. Apparently I need something to suppress my ovaries and because ZOLEDEX can't be given long term I was offered a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. I have no problem with having this done as just wanna be pain free.. however my GP says that sometimes the pain will still remain. Has anyone had experience of having this done? And did it solve the pain issue? Is there any other ways to suppress the ovaries? I don't want to put myself through this for nothing. Any advice greatly appreciated

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Where you checked for endometriosis ??

Yea I was but I don't have it

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