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Help with my PCOS


Hello I've joined up today never done anything like this before so alittle nervous :)

I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries two years ago and would love some more information about it, when I was diagnosed all the consultant ever said to me was when trying for a family try for a year and if nothing happens then let your doctor know and they will refer you back to here.

When talking about polycystic ovaries I tend to get upset as all ive ever wanted was to be a mum when I was diagnosed me and my partner decided for me to come off the pill and just to go with the flow with things

I have now been off the pill for two years and nothing has happened which devastates me but I don't necessarily want to be a mother right now I would be extremely happy if I was to get pregnant but don't want to go to the doctor about it just yet but another thing I struggle with is losing weight and my painful and uncomfortable periods.

My periods are very irregular sometimes I go a month without having one then another month I have three or more and the past two months I have really been struggling with my weight my hormones my periods and coming two turms with my polycystic ovaries.

If there is anybody in a similar per position or has been though this i would love to talk thankyou in advance

Zoe xx

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It is really rare not to conceive just because of pcos so you will be a mum so ignore that niggle. Generally endocrinolgists recommend being on the combined pill which reduces the pcos symptoms and can make conceiving easier when you come off it as your body is less pcos. The combined pill will also reduce the symptoms you have and make weight loss easier as well (I have been on it for 30 or so years and it keeps all my symptoms at bay pretty well, I take 2-3 months on the trot which reduces it further, as long as you have 4 periods a year then that is ok and reduces the risk of ovarian cancer (as you can get this when you have no periods)

Also dont focus on your period, you can have a period and not ovulate and ovulate without one so they are not the be all and end all because they dont really tell you anything. The best way is to start taking your temperature as that is the most accurate to find out if you are ovulating (look at the fertilityfriends website as I know lots of ladies that have used it and got pregnant from taking their temperature). I had relatively regular periods but rarely ovulated.

1/3 of fertility issues are men now too so you may not be the problem!! I would get your partner on the Boots Vit C and zinc tablets and anything with zinc in it as they will test him once you have started down the trying to conceive route, my hubbie had lots of dead and two tailed sperm and his count and mobility improved by over 100% in a year. He exercised, good diet, rarely drank so it was a massive shock that his sperm was so bad and we initially thought we would have to go down the IVF route as it was so bad!

One advantage of pcos is our egg quality remains better for longer, so we can conceive much later than non pcos ladies (I was 36 when I conceived Noah after 3 years of trying), so you have lots of time and it will happen, you just may need a little extra help, or your partners wrigglers may need a bit of extra help!!

zoejane in reply to Hols969

Thankyou for your reply I was on the combined pill but my periods always broke though without a doubt & never came on when the pill break was

Also I put on a lot of weight when I was onit & experienced mood swings a lot

I've tried all the contraceptives but nothing has helped and they won't fit the coil as I haven't had children I mean I don't want to go on anything now because if I was to get pregnant I know I'm 110% ready but I was just wondering if there was anything else to help

Hols969 in reply to zoejane

Which pill where you on as some are better than others

zoejane in reply to Hols969

I was on the microgynon pill x

Hols969 in reply to zoejane

You do need to get your partner tested asap

zoejane in reply to Hols969

Right now I don't want to go to the doctors about everything x

Hello lovely,

this is exactly where I was 2 years ago. We found there wasn’t much information given to us by our gp and the dietician we went to see at the hospital just told me what I couldn’t eat more than what I could.

I was diagnosed in 2015 but knew something was wrong for ages, irregular periods and 3 months of opk testing never showed ovulation (although opk’s don’t always work best for us PCOS ladies).

The last 2 years I’ve researched the hell out of PCOS and how to live a normal life with it. We’re almost 5 years in to TTC still with no BFP but for once in my life I feel more in control than ever!

The weight was a problem for me and it felt like for every lb lost I gained 2 back but last year I cut out all dairy from cows (still had feta and goats cheese), ate high protein (lots of chicken), stocked up on lots of leafy greens as well as other veggies, cut out gluten, only really ate carbs with dinner and even then a smaller amount and banished bad sugars and I lost a stone in just over a month and actually didn’t miss the old foods after that (I LOVE potatoes and cheese!!!).

I found a blog/site online called ‘My PCOS Kitchen’ that is FULL of PCOS friendly recipes that are amazing! Research has shown following a Keto/mediterranean diet works really well for ladies with PCOS and in this months edition of ‘fertility road’ magazine there’s a whole article on PCOS which I’ve just finished reading and found really informative.

For seeing if you ovulate and tracking what’s going on I bought an ‘Ovusense’ sensor 5 months ago and it was the best thing I ever did! Pricy but it accurately charts what’s going on and works really well for women with PCOS. Well worth the money!

Also, I don’t know if you’re in to it (I wasn’t at first!) but I started used guided meditation programmes from ‘Circle & Bloom’ to relax me and keep me from stressing. They do specific audio recordings for living with PCOS, TTC with PCOS, as well as programmes for IVF if you end up down that route.

There have been times I’ve been very low and people all around seem to be getting pregnant - no joke I have 5 friends all due at various times in March! But I firmly believe we’re given this life as we’re strong enough to live with it. I think there’s still so much drs and specialists need to learn about this endocrine disorder but there’s a whole wealth of info out there.

Always happy to talk more if you like :) x


I have pcos and tried to get pregnant with the help of every hormone treatment going ended with no joy. Then I had spinal surgery and came off all Meds and got down to a healthy weight .... I went for my follow up x ray and was told I could not have it as I was pregnant.... my little girl is now 6.

What I am trying to say is never give up hope!!! I got so down a stressed every month and I don't think it helped .

At times it felt like it was never going to happen and after 6 years of hard work I got there with no help.

Chin up and sending you hugs xxx

zoejane in reply to Amyjane88

Thankyou I do try not to get stressed & down about it but if I'm honest I am a very big worrier, I'm a confident person but when it comes to getting my periods I can't help but feel devastated every time

I said to myself over two years ago I will never take a pregnancy test again until I have no choice

I'm glad to hear you've got your little girl it's amazing

Lots of hugs back :D xxx

Yes I'm the same worry about things like that to. Don't give up hope xxx

I won't do thankyou xx

Hi there, I was in your position and just wanted to say try not to worry. When I wanted to have children, I spoke to the GP and took metformin. Which made me ovulate and I've now got a 5 and 2 year old. By the time you want to have children their may be ever better medicine. Also don't plan on it taking ages to get pregnent either, it took a few tries (months) with first son and the 2nd it happened in the first month! Which was sooner than I expected!

For now just look after yourself. Being happy and healthy (men included) is a good position to be in before trying.

Good luck and for now enjoy your child free life.



I'm glad it worked out for you xx

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