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Hair thinned out on temples and frontal lob


I started to lose hair on my sides after I believed at the time a bad chemical reaction to a perm (I have afro Caribbean hair), I had this happen a while before but my hair grew back. This time however it didn't grow back and so I got worried and went to my doc. I had the test and was diagnosed with PCOS so I thought it was coincidence that this was happening. I also had braids but I had them for ages and in=fact they grew my hair.

Having gone to docs again (who don't really have no knowledge on hair loss), they referred me to have biopsy on my scalp, and when the results came back said I had a degree of 'scarring' due to traction alopecia!

I also had bloods and my iron was low! It seems every time I asked for GP help, they never could give me a diagnosis to my hair loss which now is coming up to 4 years. I am not bald, but my temple/side hair just seems to stay at 1cm while the rest of my hair is thick and grows. I have taken high does of iron but it seems to be taking ages to build this up. I use Rogaine for Women which I took about 2 years ago and helped a bit. I stopped and have started again. I have tried everything, have done so much research, but it has just been guess work. I am so frustrated that I have to only do hairstyles to constantly hide my sides which do not suit my face. I just want someone to diagnose and say this is the real issue so I can tackle it without anymore guess work.

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Male pattern baldness is a symptom of pcos - you could consider the combined contraceptive pill to see if that helps - I had receding hair after having my son but when I finished bf him I went back on the combined pill and it resolved it. It was very fine at the front area but the back of my hair was still ok so was just the front, so the noticeable area!!!

Sadly lots of ladies have this symptom of pcos and it is very difficult to disguise, unlike things like facial hair and weight around the middle!!

Linxkid in reply to Hols969

Hi thanks Hols969, I have always been afraid of contraceptive pills just because of the side effects but more the long term risks of taking it. Unfortunately, when my original hair shed happened many other factors (as mentioned with it happening a week after a hair relaxer) were possible suspects, this is why my case has been frustrating one. As doctors on NHS are not hair experts and have not been able to diagnose the actual case.

My PCOS only had one symptom that got me to the docs in the first place... a bit of extra facial hair, other than that you wouldn't know I have it!

I am thinking about going to see a dermatologist/trichologist so they can do a specific range of blood tests, look at my scalp and start some sort of treatment. Can anyone recommend a London based consultant?

Hols969 in reply to Linxkid

Yes would be worth seeing a specialist. You should be referred by your GP though really, maybe find one and give that name to your GP to refer you to

You may want to post on Facebook as we have lots of London girls on there. Search PCOS UK (Verity official group) - it is a closed group so none of your friends will see your post but there are more ladies on there than on HealthUnlocked.

Linxkid in reply to Hols969

Yes, I will probably go back to my GP for the 4th time, but they are pretty useless. The last time I went, I made notes of research of things I wanted looking into (as we all do) and she just fobbed me off and said there was nothing we could do. This is why I need to go elsewhere, where there are hair consultants with more knowledge and give specialist advice.

I won't give up hope, I feel my hair thinning is internal, I just want to target and have some kind of diagnosis instead of just guesswork and wasting more time and money on products that haven't worked.

I just requested permission to join the FB group. Thanks.

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