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Can laser help the hair even if you have shaved?

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Hi I am new to this forum. I have a question which has probably already been answered somewhere. I have have PCOS now since the age of 17 (12 years) and I am really struggling in general now with the hair on my face. I started waxing but couldn't keep letting it grow so I went to shaving once a week but it has now become a daily thing and my face is now so red and sore and I am thinking of going for laser treatment but was wondering if anyone has some success stories from having laser treatments? Did anybody shave and have corse hair who had the laser? I just don't know if it will work on my face after shaving for years.

I feel I am completely stuck and depressed :(

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Hey I have had laser hair removal and you actually have to shave the area prior to treatment. So that shouldn’t be a problem. Lots of places actually do discounts if you have PCOS so it’s worth enquiring.

Good luck!

Yes, shaving will not be a problem for laser. That’s actually what they suggest between treatments. The sessions during the treatment are very quick. It might not completely solve everything for the long term but it will make a huge difference and you will feel so much better. Make sure you get enough sessions usually between 6-10. Good luck 🙂

Yes, had it done 10 years ago and the best thing I ever did, you have to stop plucking and waxing 6 weeks before your appointment to get the best results. The average is 15 sessions for pcos ladies and you do need to maintain it. Ive had nothing done for about 4+ years now and a few of the goaty ones are sprouting so I do need to go for a top up session.

SK:N used to do a 30% discount and interest free credit too.

Hey. I’m looking into laser also as I have crazy hair growth but more so on the body. Been waxing for years but I’ve been left with horrid marks on the stomach and bikini line. Would laser help to improve the appearance of this? x

I had laser earlier on this year and it is hands down the best thing I've ever done! I used to epilate my face twice a day prior to laser. All the way through the treatment I shaved as per their advice. Then after my final treatment once the hair had come through a little bit I epilated again. Since then I only have to epilate once every 3 weeks and that is only on 2 small areas around my chin, whereas prior to laser I was doing it from my cheek bones down to under my jawline! Just make sure you go to a reputable laser clinic, I used sk:n and they were amazing, they nearly always have money off offers too!

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