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All new to this pcos! Being tested what should i expect!



Im 19 years old and finally got the courage to go to my GP. As i have inregular periods and hair growth in places i dont want!!! And weight gain! I get upset about pcos and my GP reffered me to the hospital for more tests! And i dont know what to expect or whats going to happen. To top it all of i get aniexty and really nervous!

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Well done you for going.

Anxiety is a symptom of PCOS btw - lots of us suffer from anxiety and/or depression and they don't know if it is the symptoms that cause this or the hormone imbalance.

Usually it will be blood tests (which can come back normal!) and an internal scan (which is fine so don't worry) which may or may not show the cysts, which are really follicles as they are only a symptom and not the cause which is why the name is misleading. The scans are ok and usually done by ladies and it is all very discreet so you dont have anything on view.

From a diet point of view, cut out all white carbs as they are the route of all evil in my view when it comes to PCOS. I would also consider going on the combined contraceptive pill and take it 3 months on the trot as this reduces the symptoms further and for me it helps with the weight loss, still not exactly falling off but does help a bit as it is very demotivating when you have tried hard diet wise and lost nothing !!! We also store fat efficiently so if you ate the RDA you would still put on 2lb a month so over a stone a year so we need to eat considerably less just to maintain our weight!!

Abbyb in reply to Hols969

Thank you u shared alot of imformation i didnt even know about! My GP just reffered me to hospital and didnt give much info about it at all which left me thinking and overthinking it alot! Does the combined pill help with the hair growth??

Hols969 in reply to Abbyb

Definitely will slow down the speed, which is why I stay on it!!

Strawberrys in reply to Hols969

Hi - My 16 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with PCOS after reading up on the condition we are going to put her on the combined pill. The only symptom she has is irregular periods. Can you recommend a brand of pill which would also help to keep her weight down. Lisa

Hols969 in reply to Strawberrys

They vary massively, I am on yasmin which helps control the symptoms and hasn't caused me to gain weight, in fact it makes it easier to lose it. There are loads to choose from so if one doesn't suit then try another - takes 3 months to settle down. She can take 3 months on the trot to reduce the symptoms further, I take two as kept spotting on the 3rd but if she can do 3 then it will help. As long as she has 4 periods a year then it is fine.

Stay strong and hang in there! With the tests it will give you better answers than ever! I hope you are doing well. I'm here anytime you need to talk or give advice.

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