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New diagnosis of pcos

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I am a mum of a 13yr old girl recently diagnosed with pcos. Her early diagnosis was was confirmed due to her starting her periods when she was 11yr old and didn't finish until she reached 13yr when the doctor prescribed Provera, backed by an ultrasound showing multiple follicles. This has stopped her periods and she now bleeds on a very ad hoc basis. Will this regulate, or will she need to stay on Provera? Also, she really struggles with weight and gets bullied at school, but she eats reasonably healthily for a young teenager. Any help/advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks


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Ps, she is incredibly hairy everywhere except her face! xx

Hi there it's difficult to say pcos can affect people in different ways. The extra hair is probably down to extra testosterone in her system. I personally bleach my lip hair and have to shave other area's once a week sometimes twice. Weight gain is a double edge sword for pcos, pcos causes weight gain, the meds cause weight gain, pcos is eased by you guessed it weight loss. Possibly see your doctor about potential insulin resistance as this can affect weight as well. I personally have found managing my weight a lifelong problem though I lost 4 stone through slimming world but other swear by a low go diet which either way is limiting carbohydrates, fats and dairy. Though slimming world do have a free to attend for teenagers when attending with an adult, where they can get the support the aim is more based at health lifestyle rather than weight loss so they don't announce it to the group. I really feel for your daughter I know what it's like to be picked on for your size and I hope the school is helping to combat the bullies. Oh and if she has heavy periods when they happen the doctor might suggest acids to ease the flow and pain. If the pcos causes a lot of problems they may suggest lazering the cysts know my cousin had that done but don't know if that would be an option for her due to age etc. I hope this helps and if you have any other questions don't hesitate to msg again 😊 xx

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Thank you for your reply, I will look into a few of the suggestions you have put forward and keep you updated on anything that seems to work :) xx

Hi! I would say the extra hair could be due to testosterone. For me, I suffer with Hirsutism but I suffer with it on my face, chest and stomach. However, my other bodily hair is also very dark and thick which is why I shave my arms and face every day. I understand how your daughter may be feeling, I was bullied in school for numerous things but my noticeable facial hair was always a factor. I was not diagnosed with PCOS until I was finishing Sixth Form last year so I never did understand why these things were happening during school, but I really understand where your daughter is coming from. In regards to weight, regardless of how we eat a lot of people suffering with PCOS do tend to gain weight easily/become overweight/struggle to lose weight. I'm being referred to a dietician now and quite possibly being put on Metformin. This could maybe be something to discuss with a doctor or endocrinologist if this becomes a concern as they do say diet and losing weight can help lessen the effects of PCOS. I'm sorry I can't be much help as I'm new to PCOS myself, but I just wanted your daughter to know shes not alone and PCOS will get better :)

I went on the combined contraceptive pill when I was 15 and it improved the symptoms hugely and made weight loss easier and reduced the hair (I waxed my legs from age 15 too - face wasnt hairy then but by 20 it had started appearing - the combined pill slows down the speed of hair growth). I am so glad I am not a teenager now as it is so imagey nowadays.

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