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I am new to this condition & haven't a clue where to begin. The only advice I've been given is LOSE WEIGHT! & after I've achieved that we will take it seriously or .. take the PILL 🤦🏻‍♀️..

I have tried all the diets, but nothing. I cannot control my cravings, and no matter how much I try nothing stays off!!! I'm always sleepy, but sleep well.

& we all know THE PILL does not help mental health & promotes weight gain - well it does in my world!

I need some indication on improving my eating habits, what's good for PCOS & what to avoid.. what helps & what well, doesn't.

Please help a 'CYSTER' out!

Thank youuu in advance..

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Hi Kalee! Doctors are unbelievably infuriating when it comes to PCOS... I have the other ‘type’ of PCOS where I’m not insulin resistant but I did a huge amount of research because my doctor was pretty useless both at diagnosing me and treating. From what I’ve researched, the way to go with PCOS is basically to treat yourself like you have diabetes - ie avoid blood sugar spikes (I know, sucks right). So go for wholemeal, sweet potatoes, lots of veg, balanced and regular meals, limit your sugar. I actually did this pretty strictly for about 3 months when I was first sort of diagnosed because I thought I had to and I would say having cut out sugar pretty obsessively, I did find my craving for it really did go away! So may be something you might like to try.On the pill.... I was on the pill for 7 years and then during Lockdown decided to come off it because there was sort of a time to see what happened! That was when I finally was actually diagnosed as I didn’t have a period for about 10 months until they treated me (I also have high prolactin). Basically if you don’t want to go on the pill you reaaaaaally have to be adamant about it. When I got diagnosed they just said go back on the pill and then when you want kids you can come off it and we will give you a pill and you’ll get pregnant easily. But I had a horrid experience coming off the pill - loads of my hair fell out, I went nuts, ky skin went crazy. It was all round pretty awful and I didn’t want to go back On a pill that could have such an effect. Also worth knowing that it totally leaches your body of certain minerals. Anyway I was very happy on the pill for some time but as a permanent fix it has been made clear to me that it is literally a doctor’s “quick fix” so if you can, push them to explore other areas and do your own research!

Also look into ovasitol and ask your doctor about metformin. It wasn’t right for me but it might be for you by the sound of it.

Anyway, I hope some of that helps a bit! It’s a weird thing to be diagnosed with because doctors basically know nothing about it...but if you look around a bit there are lots of people with some amazing success stories and lots of advice to give.

Very best of luck!

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Kalee7 in reply to Emma15

Thank you...

Ahhh I hope your feeling better now your clear of the pill!! I just have no desire for it!

One I'm in a same sex relationship.. 2; I remember being on it when I was younger & it's a hard no for me!

I've had various blood tests, I've had million and one scans which I'm sure you have too & the only thing they suggest is to lose weight. Which as we know is TOUGH!

So with the cutting out sugar.. talk to me.. you literally ditched anything that contained sugar or you just avoided the sugary treats?

I am going to do some research. I know people suggest gluten free, dairy free ect &

By the sounds of it to control the symptoms it's diet based.

So, I go about 3-6 months period free but then when it hits me I can be on for 3months solid!

Thank you for your advice. Totally sucks and lonely in this world with no help on the matter ey?

Thank you again

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Emma15 in reply to Kalee7

The number of scans.... ridiculous isn’t it! And we are the lucky ones that have GPS who actually agree to do them! I had to force them to do the scans for me, they just told me to go back on the pill! So with the diet stuff, I basically just avoided any form of sugar spike - such as from eating a large amount of carbs at once (I know, so sad), or loads of sugar from anything. Some people say cut out carbs but that’s also a hard no from me and I don’t think it’s at all necessary or healthy - nor is it sustainable. I just try to limit them - so I avoid stuff like risotto or full blown pasta - I do eat it just I have that sort of thing about once a week or try to balance it with loads of veg and a good protein.

I think also there isn’t actually much evidence that going dairy free and gluten free is necessary BUT if it means it’s easier to control your cravings then go for it. I actually did both of those too (I ate just a tiny bit of yoghurt every now and again) and it definitely was easier to cut out the excessive carbs like that I sort of forgot about bread because of that.

It’s definitely tough but after a few weeks I really didn’t miss the sugar! And my energy was about a million times better - that was a real surprise actually as it was so so dramatic.

I think that it’s also important not to go a long time between eating (like diabetics really) - otherwise cravings kick in and also it’s just not great for your hormones full stop! So I wouldn’t try intermittent fasting as a method if I were you.

Having said all this, it’s all about balance so do whatever feels possible for you. I was a bit drastic and went a bit cold turkey - but why not try cutting out sugary treats and limit white flour products and then see how that is and then try to limit sugar from other places?

Hope you can find a way through it all!!

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Kalee7 in reply to Emma15

It's just frustrating.. I'm someone who has struggled with my weight. And my relationship with food is not ideal.

When the doctor says.. trying losing weight first then we will review it. I have zero knowledge on what's good and what's not. I know the basics. If that makes sense.

So this week, Ive been laying of crisps and chocolate. If I have something it'll be a funsize milky way or something and I feel a bit more alive and it's not making me wanna flip out and raid the snack drawer.

I don't tend to eat bread, makes me POORLY! But pasta, on lord it makes me

to happy, but I'll keep a watchful eye and maybe have less of a portion and bulk it up with protein and veg.

Totes got this! Thank you x

in reply to Emma15

It can be a painful & tricky medical condition to manage. Keep an eye on your diet & your liquid intake.I’ve had this condition for 7 years. It does get easier with time.

Best of luck xx


So very similar situation to the pair of you with my Pcos story, I've officially had it 9 years and it's still a joke with the doctors thankfully I have a nice nurse now who fights in my corner when I need her too.

I have to say I agree with Emma, you do kinda have to treat yourself like your a diabetic, the thing that honestly seem to help me the most more than cutting out sugar cause I still have sugary things and probably more carbs than most people in my own diet was actually just switching out my drinks and mild exercise.

Due to work I cannot find the time nor energy to commit to a gym and I have never been a gym person I will however walk everywhere that I possibly can it started by getting off the bus stop a few stop earlier and that doesn't sounds much but it adds up I literally walk 9 almost 10 miles a day just travelling to/from work before you even include my work miles.

I found it much easier swapping caffeine out before sugar so replacing my coffees and tea with water or caffeine free herbal tea, peppermint tea is an absolute godsend! I know it sounds stupid but always have a bottle of water with you youll find times when you think your hungry or craving if your drinking something or even just playing with the water bottle in your hand it's such a distraction you forget the urge to eat when your not actually hungry.

Especially if it's a flavoured water most of them are only a few calories and they hit the sugar cravings without all the extra downs of actually scoffing a choccy bar or a muffin.

Also don't just cut things out completely and cold turkey it, Find healthier substitutes I still eat white pasta ( I love pasta soo much) but have swapped my bread to whole grain, instead of normal crisps ill eat the healthier lentil crisps or the low calorie ones.

I've got an app called nutracheck which helps me calorie count by scanning barcodes and keeping track of meals I create/eat which has really helped me cause even if I don't loose weight some months I can see I haven't actually gained it either which might sound stupid but helps when I feel like I'm turning into flubber.

Unfortunately there is no right or wrong way for anybody with PCOS I know people that have done the no carb or even gone vegan /vegetarian etc and had great success and others have found the selves coming off it in a few months. You need to find what is best for you.

But I do know swapping sugar out for natural sugary stuff like fruit and veg or just cutting it out (almost) completely is one of the better ways I've managed to control my weight. I don't really crave sugary stuff and on the odd occasion I do I don't feel bad for eating it because I don't have the urge to gorge like I used to in the past.

Hope that helps you some and best of luck


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Kalee7 in reply to Rishelle

Thank you, honestly some of these tips.. even so minor will help I think.

I need to start moving more that's a fact.

I would say if you have a problem with food intake, you need to exercise, diet alone wouldn't shift those pounds. Try walking 10,000 steps everyday and when ready try the couch to 5k which is on the NHS website.Eat as healthy as you can, having fruit and veggies every day. As PCOS produces extra insulin, avoid snacking, as everytime you eat, you are making it hard for your body to process that food and it will store as fat. If you can avoid sugar, bread, pasta. If you can't these should be very limited. Don't eat too much fruit say one or two pieces a day, as their are natural sugars in fruit, which is better than processed sugars but still will create a spike in insulin.

My instol is supposed help, look at products such as Myova or alpha infolic.

Metmorfin is supposed to help, but you will need to ask your doctor. It made me ill but it works for some.

Good luck!

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Kalee7 in reply to LisaEB

Thank you hun, Ive tried metmorfin & well it gave me the worst belly ever!

I'm going take control of what I can with medication.. so diet and exercise is the next step.

I have lost 7lb in the last 4 weeks. It's not a huge amount but Ive been mindful with what I'm eating.

Thank you again.

Hi Kalee! My advice would be to find something that works for you, both with diet and exercise, as it makes it easier to stick to. I find for me calorie counting most successful as it’s making me change my relationship with food and makes me think about the nutritional value of what I’m eating. With exercise find something you want to do. I love the gym so spend lots of time there, but I’m also a member of a sports club and I really enjoy the social aspect of it, and my enjoyment keeps me exercising.

Personally I believe it’s about long term lifestyle changes so find something that’s comfortable and sustainable for you x

Hey gal, im in a snapchat group of girls its just a support group for advice and chats! If you wanted i could add you to it?? Also, lots and lots of tiktok awareness videos too best of luck

Super infuriating right! Lots of different things suite different people. My first advise is go and do tour own research, Pinterest is a good source of advise.. pcos diet, pcos symptoms, pcos why, pcos what is it.. all things I typed and got some serious knollage. There is also people on Instagram who do 30 day free meal plans and give you loads of information for free.. I think it’s simple pcos, me personally I developed type 2 diabetes I was 6 stone over weight, lost a load of hair and been trying for a baby for over 13 years and for 10 years I hadn’t had a period so it was quite severe. The first think I did was learn what pcos actually is and then that helped me understand how to change both my diet and lifestyle to be well again. A super simple explanation is our body’s don’t tolerate sugar.. so they create insulin to match the higher sugar levels then because we have high insulin we create to much testosterone and that causes a load of crappy side affects. It’s also not just simple sugar like sweets and deserts.. unused carbohydrates turn into sugars with our body is not used.. so white potato, bread, pasta rice all things that if possible need to be removed from your diet. There are other things you can have.. sweet potato, butternut squash, swede, quinoa buckwheat… but they are all complex carbs and will stop the ride of sugar spikes and plummets.. that’s also important as that why your craving food.. not even bad food just food I hear ya I been there.. I personally also got a pcos nutritionist but that’s not cheap.. if I can shed any help I would also recommend going gluten and lacto free another side affect of pcos is load of people are diagnosed with IBS again crappy lazy doctors what it is in most cases is a thing called pcos Leaky gut ( again Pinterest it) basically you can upset your tummy with gluten and lactos so if you avoid them it one more thing you do t have to deal with. Also the constant tiredness and feeling crappy seriously I know those diet changes feel like a lot but once you do it you will never look back.. I used to want to sleep in the late afternoon I was so poorlyAll the time I didn’t know what feelings g good felt like until I changed my diet and lifestyle. One of the big issues is also stress.. stress actually makes your sugars increase crazy right! But when your stressed or upset do you reach for bad food.. look it up it’s a hormone called cortisol and it’s a lady pcos worst friend we need it as it helps us wake up and stimulates other hormones but we ha e too much.. there is no medical way of reducing so it’s a manage stress and situations. I’m 4 stone down, feeling fantastic and had conformation of Ovulation 2 months in A row but it’s taken 2 years of research and changing my diet to get hear.. supplements is the last thing to briefly talk about you 1000% need inositol if nothing else, an omega 3 and vit d with k3 and palmetto plus forte, also magnesium glycinate is a good Shout. There also herbal supplements called adaptogens you can take to help deal with stress hormone cortisol.. but please do your own research I can only tell you what has worked for me and every one is different. I wish you luck

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