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New Diagnosis

I am 23 and have just been diagnosed with PCOS. I am a tall slim girl with a healthy diet. I am also on the minipill.

I suffer with constant heavy periods, aches and pains in my abdomen and legs, acne and fatigue.

I take ibuprofen to help my pain and have erythromycin lotion for my skin.

I have also been referred for a hysteroscopy - does anybody have any previous experience of this that could tell me what the procedure is like??

Does any body have any tips that can help at all ?

Willing to try anything 🙂 xx

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I also have PCOS and I just had a hysteroscopy yesterday. I was asleep for the procedure so I can’t tell you what it would be like awake but I have a lot more bleeding that I expected. They took biopsy’s, I’ve read some people have this without anaesthetic, speaking from my experience I would not recommend that. I also had laparoscopy at the same time, so I’m extremely sore from that but I don’t think I’ve got much pain from the hysterectomy just the bleeding. Good luck with yours. X


Mini pill is not good from a pcos point of view, you need to be on the combined pill to help control the symptoms. Will they check you for endometriosis as well as pain is generally caused by endo rather than pcos so would be good to get that done at the same time!

We can be low in vitamin D so up that if you can which can help with fatigue - I use floradix and find I feel much less tired on it.

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I can only have the minipill due to family history which is a shame!

I think they will check for endometriosis during my next scan, I’m waiting for my letter but think it is a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy :)

I do shift work and have had my pattern changed at work to hopefully help with fatigue but I will try floradix, will try anything! Fed up of feeling drained all the time!

Thank you for your help 🤗


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