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I’m in need of a bit of help! I’ve became aware that PCOS as well as other female reproductive issues take pretty long to diagnose due to doctors not taking female reproductive issues/ pain seriously. I myself have dealt with this and it’s awful.

Has anyone else ever experienced this and willing to talk about their experiences with me? I’m a freelance journalist writing a short feature article to raise awareness of this problem and I need the help of other women and their diagnosis stories to help highlight how imperative it is the doctors start taking us seriously.

If anyone would be willing to chat with me it would help me out a great deal and help further a cause that needs more attention!

Thank you 💕

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I have a lot of choice words for what health professionals have done to me over my PCOS. Unfortunately they might be a bit on the "robust" side for an article.

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Oh trust me, as do I. The bolder the words, the better! A doctor told me I was faking it even though my bloods came back with too much hormones! Horrendous. This is why I want to highlight the fact that doctors don’t take us seriously!!

Do you have a place where I could perhaps message you privately and discuss it all? I’m new to the app and not sure if you can private message on it!


Hi I don't have any children and never tried and wanted to see an endocrinologist, it's an uphill struggle. I am 50 so pcos doesn't matter. My bloods are ok quite possibly because of the Internet, its where I look for the benefits or not of the food I eat. I have tailored my own diet, up to October I couldn't get it right. I did see a dietitian years ago but that diet didn't seem to work.

My doctors are only interested in the reproductive problems caused by pcos. They don't seem to know it's caused by hormones.

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Also it's not a reproductive issue as much as it's an endocrine issue that affects reproductive hormones. You might want to be clear about this and research some on what all it affects because the articles I've read on the subject always make it seem like its reproductive only and it's not, and I have a lot of salt over that. Doctors also do not want to investigate what else the hormones cause, they prefer giving out a birthcontrol pill and call it done.

Yes please I would love to talk about it! I have been to the doctor about it at least 10 times in the last 2 years about my pcos hair loss and they just fob me off. I sit there crying and they do nothing. If they took me seriously the first time, I wouldn’t have had so many appointments clogging up their system! They have ZERO knowledge on the subject and won’t even refer you. I am going to be fighting at my gp to find out why that is soon.

Unless you want to have a baby they won’t do anything. I find it all very Handmades Tale. All they care about is women having babies and they don’t think you should care if you’re in pain, depressed, going bald and covered in hair and acne. They think you should only care about reproduction.

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