Intense pelvic cramp during toilet/urination?

Hey everyone,

I'm just wondering if anyone can help shed some light about a horrendous (non-standard) pain I keep experiencing and what it might be related to.

Without TMI-ING at least once or twice a day when I go to urinate- mid way through I get this horrifically intense cramp in the middle of my pelvis- I'm not sure if it's my bladder or not- but it just creeps on and it's so intense that I have to stop mid stream.

It's almost like a intense pressure cramp feeling that just heightens the more I push. Imagine when you have muscle cramp in your leg or foot? Its similar to that but more intense...I had an ultrasound a couple months back which didn't show anything but my normal issues like #PCOS but the technician did notice that in between my external and internal scans when I tried to empty my bladder fully (as much as I could) that it was still very full on the internal probably not emptying properly which I'm already aware of. I've no idea if it's #endometriosis related- #polycysticovariansyndrome related- if it's due to surgery maybe healing taught- or if it's something else entirely. All I know is its so painful. It's not like normal uti symptoms- and is stronger than my usual #bladderspasms the pain is so intense I have to double over and gasp for breath and release all pressure of my pelvis. Still waiting for a response from last operation was in January this year and it's been since then- mainly the past 4 months or so...? I had #endo on my left ovary- womb and also on my #uterosacralligaments

Basically I just don't know. It passes once I stop attempting to urinate and last for about 10 minutes after but keeps happening. I'm already on #amitriptilyne and have doubled my #vesicare #solifenacin dose as advised by my gp which has reduced my urgency due to my #interstitialcystitis have any of you guys experienced this? I'm at a loss and not due to see gynaecology any time soon :(

Any ideas or help would be great.

Hope everyone else is having a pain free day.


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  • I would ask to be referred back to an endocrinologist, it doesnt sound like a pcos thing, more an endo thing but could be something else, you should be in pain when you wee so push to be referred back to an endo. Good luck

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