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More bleeding then normal

Hey everyone i normally have a period nearly every month never on time but only once a month. But in 4 weeks have had 3 periods. I always have really bad pain and all 3 have had bad pain and been bleeding between 5-7 days. This never happens to me but doc saying it's because I have pcos but this NEVER happens it's so not like me I'm worried but doc don't seem bothered. Does this happen ? Or am just a drama queen lol

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I saw your message just to tell you know you

are not alone i also bleed heavily every month and it last from 5 to 7 days there is nothing to about it is normal for me to have this every month there is'nt anything the doctors can do, to ease the pain the only thing you can do is take pain killers to take the pain away i have had this since i was a teenager so i know what you are going through

do you have any facial hair or hair on your chest spots over your body if so then you could have pocs if you have'nt been tested then would get tested by your GP to find for sure best of luck, let me know how you get on.


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