Concerns, re feeling so ill and have a blocked artery

Hi.My name is Carol Ann I am a fit 71 year old Psychotherapist CBT.I recently had a strange episode in the night like Vertigo followed by dizziness etc. I saw my GP who diagnosed possible inner ear issues. 2 weeks ago I went back feeling very unwell and he sent me to A&E because my BP which had been low for a few days, was very low and different in my left arm, much lower than my right. At A&E they did heart, chest, neck and head CTscans and blood screening,and could not find anything. They referred me for a Doppler scan on my arms. I went for that last Tuesday still feeling very ill and it showed a blocked artery leading to artery that supplies blood to the brain. Blocked 80%.I was sent back to A&E. They seemed very concerned and were going to send me to Morriston Hospital in Swansea as I live in West Wales, by ambulance. This obviously alarmed me. After waiting for confirmation from Vascular in Swansea, which they didn't get after sending the scans etc to the consultants secretary they sent me home. I now have an appointment in Swansea in April. Although I am trying to think that once assessed Vascular saw it okay to leave me until April, My concern is am I at risk, being at home with this condition? Also, if a stent is inserted as A&E thought would be the treatment, will all my symptoms go? I am worried as my husband is having Robotic Prostate removal next week and I need to be in Cardiff with him. Feeling like this not sure I will be able.

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  • I think we need to be very clear, if you think that your blocked artery is a Vascular problem as opposed to a symptom of active Vasculitis then it's very difficult for us to advise.

    Vasculitis can lead to blocked arteries but not all blocked arteries are due to Vasculitis. If you don't feel you have Vasculitis then you may get a more informed answer in another group.

    Vascular surgeons don't treat and have very little understanding of Vasculitis.

  • Thank you for that , yes I have joined another group. I have read a great deal yesterday and today re Vasculitis and don't think I have that, as it affects multiple areas and I have 1 blocked artery. I am very grateful for your help and input and as I feel so ill, I am going back to see my GP tomorrow and hope he can bring the consultant appointment forward for me. Thankyou once again

  • You have 1 blocked artery that you know about ( I would be concerned about your carotid's as well with your symptoms ) and it doesn't need to affect multiple areas. Large vessel Vasculitis in particular can be confined to one artery. You need to know if it has been ruled out.

    I don't wish to seem pedantic but many people come onto this site for information and advice and I do think it's important that we are clear about our limitations and area of expertise and experience.

    Thank you for your comments and I do hope that you can get this resolved soon and be well enough to support your husband.

  • To add to my comment on your other post - a stent would appear the logical option but I have read this isn't always done with subclavian steal syndrome for various reasons.

    I think you should speak to your GP and get them to make some enquiries for you.

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