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Medical alert bracelets - best options

Hi. I have takayasu's arteritis and have narrowing of my left sub-clavian artery which means that I have no pulse in my left wrist and very low blood pressure in that arm. I met an A&E nurse the other day who suggested I carry something with me to warn people of this. It had occured to me that if i was ever in a situation when I couldn't explain such as an accident that this would be very confusing and could result in incorrect treatment. Do other people carry cards, wear jewellery etc that explains nature of condition as well as medication? Does anyone have any advice about what to go for? Thanks. Jane

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there are/where some alert items that carry a phone number that the hospitals can ring to find all about you.

the one I considered could be engraved , but I don't know how many letters are available - our conditions have such long names!

in the USA, I knew of a small capsule that has a strip of rolled paper inside with details on it.

I carry a steroid card [from my pharmacy] and have written details on that.

You could keep a note in your handag/wallet/glovebox/bedside table.

If you don't like the alert jewellery, you could have other trinkets engraved.

unfortunately, I am allergic to most metals - inc gold, so I cannot wear any.

I suppose, if I wasn't allergic to the dyes/ink, I could have a tattoo...

On second thoughts, if I'd got Wegener's Granulomatosis tattoed, I'd be pretty, hissed now they've changed the name!



After searching for years for something that my son would wear I discovered a wristband option ( similar in type to the vasculitis one and the hundreds of others people wear) you can have details embossed and several designs. You have code on it. If code put on website etc all details can be accessed. I have put pictures on the face book page . Mediband is the company based in Australia/America takes a couple of weeks to get bands


There are the SOS talisman bracelets and necklaces which have a paper insert which gives all sorts of information. I've also been looking for something as I am allergic to all sorts of meds which could be life threatening if wrong treatment is administered. I used to have an SOS talisman and it was great, but they are fiddley to open and you have to write small on the paper provided so for a quick reference I like like the wristband idea. I might invest in both. There are various designs available from wristbands, dog tags to jewellery, some are very expensive others not so much. I typed medi alert in yahoo search engine and found sites that way which give good ideas. I also have a member of my family entered as ICE on my mobile phone (In Case of Emergency) and they hold information about my medication and allergies etc which might help in such a situation.Happy hunting!

Reply If anyone wants to see info held I have no problem letting you access Giles' code ( you get instant notification if accessed) you are able to limit access to hospitals etc


I also have numerous ailments all with long names. So I opted for a capsule necklace tyoe made by Allertag. they sell a whole range of different medical I.D. items. The only thing I found was that I could not get all my info on the piece of paper they gave, so I just made my own. It lists ailments, medications, Dr's & Specialists as well as hospital numbers and NHS number. I also carry a full size one in my wallet.


Hi I have a medic alert wristband, it is a sports type band fastened with velcro, which means if I have my hands in water or whatever I take it off and fasten it elsewhere on me, it also comes with a card which I colour photocopied and I keep one in my purse and one on the reverse of my work security pass in case I collapse at work. My wristband has the large logo metal tag on the top, which is engraved with my main conditions and allergies and my card holds all conditions, the idea is that the medics or whoever ring medic alert and the tag holds a ID number and they can then give further details and it also logs next of kin, hospital consultants etc. It costs me £25 per year and I buy a new wristband every year too. They come in various colours and I tend to have red or purple as they are more easily seen


I too have TA I have typed card in purse with medication /nok/telephone numbers/diagnosis etc I also have it laminated. My husband/son/manager at work also has copy,would be interested how other people get over this problem?


Another TAK patient here. This had been a concern for sometime, and I've thought of getting a bracelet, but not done so for most of the problems already listed....and anyway my level of meds, and prescriptions keep changing! At the moment I keep a copy of a recent hospital appointment and prescription list in my handbag, and a blue steroid card in my purse. I've also downloaded an app that was recommended in the Times onto my phone, and that lists all my medical problems, prescriptions, appointments etc. BUT, today it was updated, and now it needs a password; not much use if Im not conscious or able to give it to someone!


Thanks everyone for the very useful replies. Having done a bit of investigation I went for a medic alert bracelet. My condition is pretty stable at the moment for the first time in about 2 years so I'm hoping I don't have to make too many changes.


Best website I found for medic alert jewellery is the ID band company


Have just bought one of the Velcro 'sports' type alert bands. Looks fine, is pretty comfortable, and I feel much safer now if I am out on my own. Not a lot of room on the cards that came with it though....I'll probably just use a piece of stiff paper.


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