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I have a question,Purely out of interest, If Vasculitis is inflamation of the blood vessels why are Vascular Consulants not involved.I had surgery on my feet ( on 2 seperate occasions ) a few years ago, and was told no pulse could be found in my feet, 1 operation went ahead, the 2nd one 4 years later and I was reffered on to a Vascular Consultant and I had Ultra sound on my legs ---the result no problem with my veins they are just deep. Just been thinking about it and it set me wondering about the involvement of Vascular Consultants.

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Good question! When I was first diagnosed I wondered why I was being seen by a rheumatologist. There didn't seem any connection, at least to me. Why wasn't I seeing an immunologist if the fault lay with the immune system? I agree, a specialist with experience of the minutae of blood vessels would be a good choice too!

However, I am glad I did see someone, whatever his field, who was able to tell me what was wrong with me and give appropriate treatment. Good luck with this question - I hope it provokes a lot of head scratching in our vasculitis community!



No doubt I will be shot down for my simplistic reply.

Vascular disease is, as far as I know, disease of the arteries which reduce the ability of the heart to pump blood to the organs and extremities. So such problems could be eg clogging of the arteries or some type of damage. Vascular disease isn't damage cause by auto-immune problems (as far as I am aware). Therefore, diagnosis, treatment and intervention will be quite different to those of the vasculitis patient.

Our problems are that vasculitis causes inflammation of the blood vessels because of our immune systems not working properly. Our blood supply etc might be affected but not in the same way as for vascular disease.

Now Pat sits back and waits to be put right.


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From what I understand from history and visiting the circulation foundation some years ago to get to the bottom of it. Seems due to there being a range of vascular diseases the country has surgeons who specialise in different areas, vascular diseases often affect joints, blood, skin, kidneys, stomache lining etc etc so its a range of consultants in those areas that have taken on the cases. Depending on where you live research and findings have come from a range of different specialists. Clearly not every single hospital could have a consultant who just dealt with vascular disease as it wouldnt make sense. Agree your comment vascular heart disease is different from the many auto immune diseases that also, affect our vessels.


I've got an unusual perspective on this, because, perhaps unusually, my main consultant is a vascular medicine specialist. Yes that really is one of his specialisms, according to the GMC register. He has treated a lot of vasculitis patients, of many kinds, so is very experienced at dealing with the disease, and the various treatments.

Only recently have I seen some other consultants, as the various doctors try to bang heads together to work out a new treatment plan for me, one that a rheumatologist would be needed to sign off. But it's only recently that I've seen a rheumatologist, and a neurologist.

I've been seeing the vascular specialist since 1996, before I was diagnosed in 1997. He is also a more general consulting physician.


When I was first diagnosed with SRhV last year my consultant was a Rheumatologist. But because the approach is multidisciplinary at my hospital I also saw a cardiologist, neurologist, dermatologist and a vascular consultant. Together they formed the team and discussed all their findings so that a proper decision could be made as to treatment required. The lead consultant remained the Rheumatologist and on subsequent visits to the various clinics the other consultants report their finding to her.

In other forms of vasculitis e.g. WG when the kidneys are affected then the lead consultant would be the Renal consultant in that case.


Now that is interesting!!


Reply for Vivdunstan


very intresting I would like to kniw more


Hi when I first got diagnosed, I also had 5 different consultants, they all got their heads together and came up with Vasculitis MPA. One team was put in charge in the renal department, and I still see the same consultants on that team to this day (two and a half years later). So I feel quite lucky. Yesterday when I saw my consultant he gave me a form to fill in so I can view my results on line, ie blood test etc, letters about me from consultants the whole works.

Reply is the site. My Renal consultant also got me onto this. Like you, I came to the renal unit via other consultants (respiratory and rheumatology) once my kidneys showed signs of vasculitis.


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