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Worried about hubby by Footygirl

Hi I am on other communities but this is for my husband.

Recently worried about enlaged prostate.

Had blood tests. GP told him psa high. I checked not as much as he said cos of his age. Had exams nothing too scary so far. Cystoscopy Monday.

Started with bad reaction to antibiotic, we thought, prescribed for awful sinus/nose infection/ thingy involving bringing on Asthma attack. Long term user of inhalers etc. Took himself to A and E at 4am one morning due to increase of symptoms and new large weals on body. Doc accused GP of poor judgement and presc another antibiotic. I found out later.

Doing my usual research as I have had to do with my complex health issues, i started with the skin and quickly found vasculitis, plus the chest involvement plus the nose thingy and got very worried.

He had 3 days steroids all calmed down.

Friday night started again. I told him to restart steroids as hubby would get emergency apt with Glorious Prat Monday and get more. It happened.

Last night researched again.

This am weals started again. Not wanting to scare him asked him to get Gormless Plonker to at least read up on Urticucaria Vasculitis which I dont think it is, but also ... forgot name. Four letters. Oooh" .Brain fog. REALLY serious. Large weals look like map of coral in lagune, sorry, trying. Not pimples, spots but rings, irregular clear inside.

On emergency apt.

Leave it to me I understand. I will look after you. I thought that immediately, but no! It is prostatitis.

Despite repeating nose problem and asthma, both ignored.

He has more steroids, great as treatment for Vasculitis but bad cos he reckons all will be cleared with antibiotics. I will not repeat the utter b..s he said then reasurred hubby, not me cos rsearch showed no skin involement in prostatitis plus more.

Help! I am very worried.

On this cystoscopy/uro appointment Monday ostensibly for last try to see antthing sinister on prostate, can Urologist be quizzed asked about vasculitis which may, now, also include the prostate?

I know, I know its rare but it needs looking into doesnt it?

I throw myself on your expertise and knowledge to either laugh in uproars at me for being a complete waste of space, or to guide me/him towards someone hearing us. God knows I know how hard that can be.

Bless you for your support and help


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Have sent you a PM ( just letting admin know that we are talking ). 😀


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