Hubby update. What a mess

Hi. I eventually got hubby to ask for recommended Dr at Kellgren centre. Hubby rang up. They said 18week wait for appointment.

Thats too long.

I have tried looking for vasculitis specialtists. I get a photo and a phone number, plus hospital details. Surely they will not allow personal contact and requests for appointments?

I am trying to find doctors who are working privately but thats a lottery!

I am demented. Sorry dramatic but not far from losing it.

Any further help please on how to get him diagnosed asap?. He has now been on steroids 7weeks 30 x day. I forgot to say he has osteoporosis in his lumber spine since 90s.!!!

Going round in circles


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  • If they have their names and email addresses on line, there is no reason why you can't contact my view anyway! Four years ago when I was getting desperate for a second opinion I emailed Professor Justin Mason at the Hammersmith Hospital. His secretary replied very quickly and I saw him a bit later- certainly in less than eighteen weeks. It has to be worth trying. He is a Large Vessel Vasculitis specialist, so probably can't help you, but his secretary might know about someone else.

  • Have you got a contact for the doctor you want him to see? Try emailing them - often they are very helpful. At the worst they can say no.

  • Hi Footygirl,

    Can you get your hubby to give me a phone on the helpline and I can question him directly about his symptoms and hopefully work out a plan going forward.

    Why did the GP prescribe him prednisolone?

  • Have you contacted the VUK helpline - you can email if you prefer

  • Thank you all so much.

    So much reassuranc and affirmation received.

    Hubby, pulp over by the doorway, has been beaten into submission, (ha ha btw) and finally rang helpline. Feeling much better for it. Stubborn man.

    If in doubt ring the help, line PLEASE.

    In awe of your help and concern.

    A donation will reflect the thanks words are incapable of portraying.


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