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Hip Replacement

Just a note of warning. My husband has GPA (Wegener's) since Oct 10, diagnosed Nov 11. He's been on Pred starting at 70mg per day, now down to 5mg per day. He's had the Cyclo, Aza, Meth, & Myco, now on Rituximab which seems to be tackling it after 5 years. He's had a triple heart bypass, squamous cell carcinoma on his head, and a few other things go wrong during this time, but hey ho, he's still here and smiling (most of the time).

Last July he complained of pains down his left leg. First thought, Sciatica. Back scan. No, not that. Next, knee? Scans or xrays. No, wasn't that. Spent 3 weeks holiday in a wheelchair then in Dec, oh, we haven't looked at your hip yet said the GP. Hey presto, after checking, he had Avascular Necrosis in his hip. Got so bad, he could hardly walk.

Had his left hip replaced yesterday and it's like a miracle. He can walk again. He has the pain from the op but its nothing compared to the day before and the last 6 months. His surgeon said it was the worst hip he had seen in many a year. The other hip will be done early next year but if he experiences the same problems, then we are to call the surgeon's sec direct & he'll get him in.

He had a dexa scan about 6 mths ago which put him as borderline but nothing prepared his doctors for this problem, so just beware, look after those bones and make sure they check them out thoroughly if you have any doubts.

Happy days ahead, he'll be able to walk the dog again, and they might both lose some of the weight they've put on and I've promised him a holiday but not with me pushing him in a wheelchair.

Best wishes

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Hi Nadine. Your husbands story rings so many bells with me. I am 56 years old and I was diagnosed with Cerebral CNS Vasculitis in Sept 2011 after a brain biopsy and I have also suffered back pain and pain in my legs causing me major problems with walking etc.  I was bent over so much to compensate I suppose.  I had surgery on my lower back in Dec 2014 and I still couldn't walk properly after that. In the end, my GP said "Has anyone x-rayed your pelvis?" The answer was NO.  Well, once they saw the xray - they found severe osteoarthritis in both hips - no cartilage - just bone rubbing against bone and 8 weeks ago I had a bi-lateral hip replacement and hey presto - I can walk and I can stand straight and there is no pain at all.  The doctors blamed the long term steroid use as a partial cause.

I wish your husband well and I hope he continues pain free,


Thanks for sharing Nadine and I hope you book that holiday very soon :-)


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