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ESR Climbing - Any info?

Hello, husband with WG. He is still settling in with a new consultant down here in Devon and due to see her in December after an MRI scan.

He is on 15mg per week of Methotrexate and down to 5mg per day of Pred (lowest he's been).

His ESR readings are rising - 40 at the moment - we know this is an indication of the Wegener's but does anyone know what the response would be i.e. increasing the Pred or the Meth? What action brings it down?

Just wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts on it.


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I don't know, you can always ring and ask to speak to the consultant's secretary and ask for an earlier app't.




ESR (Erythrocyte sedimentation test) is a test that indirectly measures how much inflammation there is in the body. Do you know what the inflammation marker is normally for your husband? If the inflammation is increasing then maybe the reduction in the pred wasn't a wise move. Just my thoughts - I'm not a doctor.

I think you need to speak to someone about this. Interpretation of blood tests is best done in consultation with your doctor. If something is amiss then the sooner it is corrected the better.



Hi, not a doctor either but isn't CRP the inflammatory marker? If this is increasing then agree that dec in the pred probably not wise? I would agree an earlier appointment would be sensible?

All the best



There is not an absolute value for each individual person..ESR can follow a pattern.. it is better to speak with your consultant.. as Sarah and Pat have already suggested..

All the best

John and Susan


Just to clarify for Sarah. Both ESR and CRP are indicators for inflammation. Although I think CRP is seen as a more sensitive and acurate measure of the "acute phase response".

But as everyone has said, if either of these are rising then have a word with your consultant to see what action, if any, needs to be taken.


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