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can anyone give me advice??

hello, dont know if i am in the right place?? i need advice about making a complaint about my doctor..

On the 10th of june 2015 my husband died suddenly at home.. He was 42 years old and a healthy man.. He came home from work on the 9th an hour later he had flu like symptoms a few hours later he started vomiting the next day he had diarrhea... i rang the my doctors after my husband started to get a purple mottled colour to him he was saying he had numb hands and feet .. My husband had had a vasectomy 12 days before.. I gave the doctor all his symptoms and was told he had gastroenteritis and could i bring him in, i told the doctor that he couldn't move... I was told if he got any worse to ring back... i left my husband in bed to pick up our 3 year old son from nursery... when i returned home we found my husband dead... I rang 999 and was given instructions to preform cpr... I knew he was gone but i did this until paramedics arrived.. Myself and my son who was 4 6 days after his father dying are suffering with ptsd.. I believe that if the doctor i spoke to had rang the ambulance when i rang them my husband wouldn't of survived but me and my son wouldn't of had to go through that horrific experience... The post mortem showed he had died of septis and that was due to a uti.. i have a solicitor looking into the fact i believe that the vasectomy caused the uti.. I would like to know if and how i would go about putting in a compliant?? thankyou in advance

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If you think a doctor was at fault you can report them to the General Medical Council. They have a website you can look at regarding complaints.


I'm so sorry for your loss.

With regard to complaining, you might begin by contacting your local Patient Advice and Liaison Service.


Hello Hannah, I am genuinely saddened by your story and you have my complete sympathy, I can only imagine the difficulties. I hope you are getting support you need for you and your son.

I have included a link to the NHS website.

In the first instance you can complain to the practice manager at your GP's surgery or you can go straight to the next process (the link explains this too).

The very best wishes and good luck.


Hello - when it was thought my symptoms were severe sepsis, after I got back from hospital I read up on it a bit. I found this site: which might be more use to you than a vasculitis site. They might be able to give you specific advice.

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OK,now if your in hospital and your not happy with treatment your getting,you go to the pals office,now you can contact the health care comision who used to deal with complaints,but I don't know if that's still the I had a complaint about my surgery to replace my hip,I did complain and I contacted one of the no win no claim solicitors,but no good those solicitors will only take a complaint on,providing they consider there a 75% chance of wining the case,which was not the case,basicly in most medical cases there's not a 75% chance of wining,the thing you have to remember is that the NHS use the top solicitors and barristers to represent them,they punctured my artery during my op,I ended up in intensive care and nearly died,now what they said that it was a rare but a recognised complication,meaning that the problem I had is that the complication had happened in the past with other patients undergoing hip replacements,which I found was the case,but having said that if I were you I would carry on with this complaint whatever the chance of wining,my step daughter sued the NHS and got£250.000 because they messed up the op she was having,so of course I'm so sorry for your loss,if you are in hospital and start having any problems regarding your health,its worth asking them to do a test for m r s a the hospital virus and the cdif hospital virus,if had both and whatever they say about these viruses being under control there are still a lot of patients ending up with them take care


Firstly I'm so sorry for what you have been through.

I do know someone who's husband died of blood poisoning having been to the GP (mine) a few days earlier with an infected would from a nail, and again hours beforehand when the GP got his wife to drive him straight to hospital where he died hours later from septicaemia. As far as I know she lodged a formal complaint about the GP - but I suspect she was on weak ground because she herself ignored her huband's worsening condition. I hope my GPs have learnt something from it at least.

However I agree with Ellie - that you might end up being further traumatised by going down the legal route. Remember that if you lose your case you will have legal fees to pay and these could be huge.

I met someone recently and she had lost her womb, ovaries and a kidney to misdiagnosis and NHS incompetence - hospital born infection etc. She used to work for the NHS and when we discussed suing for our various recent traumas she told me about the lawyers and said she had lost her ability to have a family and loads of earning potential as a self employed person so really didn't want to lose her house over it. She lodged a formal complaint in the end - which was hard enough as our health board resisted like mad. However her complaint held and she received far better care when her kidney was removed a few weeks ago thankfully.

I know it's very hard to move on after what you have been through - but I would think very hard about what you want to achieve now for yourself and your child - so that you can both make progress once more.


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