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Unhelpful GP & Choose & Book?

My husband has WG and we've just returned from France to live back in UK. We registered with our new medical centre & were given a doctor. We saw him once, explained the situation & asked to be referred to Addenbrookes. Three weeks later we returned and he has done nothing. He mentioned something about Choose & Book but didn't explain, even when asked. His reply was 'I'll play the doctor, you play the patient'!! and then told my husband to go away and forget about his illness. He reluctantly took part of the Route Map that I had printed out for him.

I checked with Choose & Book & they explained that we should have been given a letter with reference nos. & pin no. to be able to book an appt at Addenbrookes. I shall be asking again on Friday, why the doctor hasn't given us this paperwork.

Is this how it works, and what are others people's experiences of this Choose & Book system? and yes, we probably will use another doctor in the practice.

At least the frustrations are in English, hey ho, onward we go.

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Good luck with a different doctor. The current doctor sounded very off-hand in his approach. I have not used the Choose and Book and until you pointed it out I did not know about. I am interested in how it goes so let me know.


Hi Nadine

"Go away and forget about his illness" is this doctor for real? Hopefully the Route Map for Vasculitis will help raise awareness with such professionals. Like Jann I've no idea about the Choose and Book.

Have you seen this:

It is always best to do these things through your GP, and this Choose and Book business might work. However, you can self refer to Addenbrooke's. If you want to go down that route we can give you some details.



Thanks both, I rang the Choose & Book people to actually find out what the doctor should have done (he didn't do the paperwork). We were absolutely flabbergasted at his attitude. If I don't get any satisfaction on Friday, I will have to take your advice and self refer my husband to Addenbrookes. I have their details but if there's anything else we should know, we would appreciate it. I will keep you updated on this 'Choose & Book' system.


I, too, am appalled at the treatment your new GP has handed out to you. He seems to have a very arrogant, and ignorant, approach. Most of us have GPs that know nothing about any form of vasculitis but they are happy to listen to the patient, who clearly knows a lot more, and to refer them to the hospital with expertise. As speed is obviously a factor here, I would see another doctor in the practice straight away to get things in motion, or, if nothing is then done urgently, ring Addenbrookes Vasculitis and Lupus clinic yourself. The contact details are on the Addenbrookes hospital website. If in any doubt, ring Addenbrookes sooner rather than later.

Don't waste any more time, this GP of yours is letting your nusband down badly.

Choose and Book, by the way, is a 'normal' way of booking a hospital appointment in Lincolnshire, at least the first one of a referral. You receive a patient reference number and pin code through the post, then book your appointment on line. I have never known it offer Addenbrookes - usually you see hospitals in Boston, Lincoln, Grantham and Peterborough.

Don't hesitate to contact for further support.


Lincs VSG


Forgot to say, there is no hospital in Lincolnshire that has sufficient knowledge of vasculitis to treat your husband successfully so don't be fobbed off with the offer of a local hospital.



Thank you Ayla, it sounds as tho this Choose & Book is local to Lincs. We'll persevere on Friday and see how we get on.

I hope we are going to make it to your support group meeting on 17th June, but I will let you know in a few days by email.

It would be really nice to be able to get together with some understanding people (don't invite our doctor!!)


Hi Nadine,

When I read your post I was shocked to hear what your GP said to you. This is just not acceptable. I would say either report him to the practice manager or ask to see another GP (or both!). If he isn't informed now or sympathetic to you and your needs, he never will be.

I'm sad to say this attitude is not uncommon but you don't have to put up with it.

I sincerely hope you get to Addenbrookes and get the help your husband needs. Good luck!


Please ask to see a different doctor. When I moved 3 years ago I was a bit anxious about my medical requirements. I got paperwork from my old hospital and was seen at my new one within 2 weeks. Both the surgery and the hospital have been marvellous. My old consultant even emailed me to make sure I was happy. There are helpful doctors out there and I hope you soon find one!


Went to the medical centre yesterday and doctor has now written to Addenbrookes (for husbands WG) & Papworth (for his heart bypass). This is something he should have done 4 weeks ago and there was no reason for him not to do it. We're still changing our doctor. Hopefully we'll get a phone call from Addenbrookes soon - don't know what the waiting time for an appt will be but at least he'll be on their books.


Great news! Well done, Nadine.



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