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My latest news

I had my latest meeting with ENT consultant and plastic surgeon yesterday. Both have now agreed that it's best I don't have any re-constructive surgery on my nose,( although they would do it if I wanted), as the prosthesis is so effective. I'm glad we got that sorted!

I now have to wait for another appointment with a view to getting another one made. The current one doesn't fit quite as snugly as it did, and I feel I should have a spare anyway!

Consultant recommended Sterimar spray for my nose instead of saline washing, but didn't offer it on prescription. He just said try it and then see if GP could be persuaded to put it on my list! Some hopes I fear!

Has anyone else tried Stderimar and how did you get on with it?

The synacthen test result shows that my adrenal glands are working ok, which means I can't blame the reduction of steroids for my extra tiredness and headaches! However, it seems likely that the effects of the Rituximab may have been wearing off and the new dose hasn't properly "kicked in" yet. So I need to give it time!

Dexa scan booked for 24th Feb, so maybe I'll be able to dispense with the Alendronic acid and Adcal D3?

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Hello I had a saddle nose and I was advised to buy and use Sterimar by my ENT for nasal crusting when diagnosed 10 years ago. I buy it in Boots. I found it very good up until the last year, when I had a reconstruction. I now use a Neil Med Bottle and saline water because it seems more efficient though I still use Sterimar from time to time.


I found no benefit to using Sterimar over NeilMed and even made my own rinse when lack of money became a big issue. I'm not sure when you had your Rituximab but in my case it takes a couple of months to have any noticable effects, irrespective of what the blood tests reveal. Healthy wishes.


I have used Sterimar for a couple of years now with great success. Both my local hospital and Addenbrookes recommended I use it. The Adds specialist said I needed to use it at least 2 times a day & I follow this advice. I get it on repeat prescription.


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