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Is anyone on this regime?

My 34 yr old daughter (systemic vasculitis) takes the following drugs every day. Does anyone else?

Gabapentin, Plaquenil. Losec. Lexapro. Prednisone. Micardis. Ostilin..ferra-grad C. Codeine Phosphate.

If you know of this combination or parts of it, does it go up and up, or does it plateau.

Is there any remission with Systemic Vasculitis?

Any help would be warmly welcomed.

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Good day, again, 02061949!

It seems your daughter is on the usual regime of drugs to treat pain, high blood pressure, protect her stomach and her bones, etc. The only drug in the list you give that will be attempting to control her vasculitis will be the prednisone and, as I have said previously, this will not achieve remission, it will merely help control inflammation.

As we have said before, your daughter needs to see a specialist. She will most likely be given cyclophosphamide, along with high dose prednisone, with the aim of achieving remission. Without this or some similar drug regime, she will stay as she is and, perhaps, deteriorate. I do advise trying to get her to see the specialist as soon as possible, if you are worried about her health.



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