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Can anyone explain mu results please?

I now have the endocrinlogist's results of my blood test & 24 hr urine sample -

I have been told to stop the t3 as I was not feeling any better so am back,on 125mcg T4 only. also take Bisoprolol 2.5mg lisinoprol 5mg too.

free T4 - 12.5 - TSH 0.19 - FSH 72.3- LH 45.3- prolactin 128 - cortisol 269 - IGfl levels still awaited

I have no idea what any of them mean - Could someone please explain ??

Symptoms include throbbing all over pins & needles in feet - palpitations - fatigue etc.,


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Difficult to give you any sort of interpretation without the ranges. But FT4 and TSH are for your thyroid. And at a guess I would say your FT4 is probably on the low side. Cortisol is for your adrenals. And IGF1 measures Growth Hormone. Not too sure about the other two, but they are also hormones.

Hugs, Grey


your free T4 is quite low for having a TSH of 0.19. What dose of T3 were you on? I don't know that much about it but I believe beta blockers can cause hypothyroid symptoms. For me I find I feel better on 10ug T3 compared to 20ug T3.


Thanks Hashi

20ug T3 1/2 am &

Pm reduced to 10ug but had throbbing & sweating at night - haven't really felt right since retaking BP & beta blockers !!


Hi I agree T4 much too low. Do you know to never take Beta Blockers until after the thyroid test, or you have a false reading.Also ,of course, thyroid meds.There are lots of different Beta Blockers, you do not say why you are on them? Some suit people better than others, I cannot take Bisoprolol ,it is the first choice simply because the cheapest. How long were you one T3 for? Did you start on half the dose for a week or 2? Did you split the dose, 12 hours apart.

Best wishes,



Hi Jackie

I didn't take pills before test at 9.00 am -

I had angiogram in 2010 because of palpitations so given beta blocker had BP pill prior to this - I now think it was my thyroid all the time ! But not sure I can stop either ? I took T3 for 2 months half & half as you said at first then reduced to 10ug with 100mcg T4 - now back on 125mcg to see endo again in 3 months - he then suggested a pill to bind fat to help lose weight ? I've been here before !!

thanks for answering Chris


Hi Jackie

forgot to say I was diagnosed with irregular heart beat - suggested that I could have electrical pulse to heart to regulate but not felt it was necessary



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