Cortisone results can anyone explain please?

hi, just diagnosed hypo last week and started on levo 25 rising to 50 after 2 weeks. I have been very sick for years and realise now most probably due to being un diagnosed for a long time. I was asked to do a blood test for cortisone at same time an a very confused locum gp give results of 26 (166-507) she didn't know if this was good coz I reacted to the dex tablet, but also felt it could b too suppressed? She said best for endo to look at. My appointment is another 3 mths grrrr.

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  • Speckles70,

    GP should consult with endo about your results as they are so low and your appointment so far away.

  • well she is a very nervous locum and just said she would print my results out and I can take them to my nxt appt! So I dnt think he will see them until then. Any advice?

  • Speckles70,

    Yes, ask another GP at the practice to look at the results and contact the endocrinologist if necessary.

  • fab. Thanks for your Quik response. Is this a likely sign of cfs? He was testing for cushings. I have lots of weight gain and cant lose it no matter what I do or eat 😢 x

  • Speckles70,

    If you had Cushings you would have very high cortisol. Yours is very low and Addisons should be ruled out.

  • Speckles, you don't want to get a diagnosis of CFS on your medical records. Resist it like the plague. If you get diagnosed with CFS you will find it very hard to get treated for anything at all and any symptom you have will be blamed on the CFS and left untreated.

  • Speckles, visit and in the section Publications you can find number of helpful documents. read and print document for GP about diagnosing Addisons and see different GP and give them that leaflet. it is written by UK endocrinologists and explains what GP should do next if patient has low Cortisol blood test result.

    i received diagnosis of Addisons disease in 2015 after being ill and misdiagnosed by GPs. I have Hashimoto hypothyroidism since 1983.

    best wishes


  • thanks for everyone help with update u only new development. I requested my results to b sent to my Endo immediately so I will ring him Friday to see if he has reviewed them and what the nxt plan is x

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