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VItamin B12

Hi Folks,

Can anyone give me some advise/information? I just received blood test results this morning for Vitamin B12. Range is 180-2000 ng/L. My result is 306 which of course, since in range, is deemed to be okay but I think that's quite low! I'm experiencing muscle ache and pain in hips, gluts and legs (hamstrings & groin) and now it's moved into the neck and shoulder area. Could this be because of low B12?

I also had low vitamin D, range (25-170). In March 2012 it was very low at 14 and in August after supplementing had gone up to 103. After a period of 6 months or so of not taking vitamin d, I'm supplementing again. I'm on 100mcg of levothyroxine (hypothyroid for 13 years) and have a referral to see an Endo (prob in 6 weeks or so) as I'm not happy with my TSH results coming back "normal". In December TSH was 0.36, January 4.1 and in March 2.0 (range 0.2-4.5). I know that should be at least at 1 and have been feeling rotten for some time and have been asking for T3, T4 and Reverse T3 tests but of course since the TSH is within normal ranges these are impossible to get. Anyway, just looking for some thoughts on the vitamin B12 issue.



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It could be a combination of low B12 and vitD, but I think you are doing the best thing and seeing an endo. I was also low in iron recently and my endo has now got me on suppliments. If your endo is any good he will order lots of different tests to see whats going on and why your TSH is all over the place.

Do you take your supplimments well away from your Levo? and leave at least two hours before and after meal times? sorry just a few of the basic questions just to make sure its nothing connected to food or vitamin taking. Also dont drink milk anywhere near your levo as this containes calcium.

Moggie x


I have been told that in Japan, if your B12 is 500, you would be given supplements as 500 would be insufficient. We should aim to be near the top of the range. Most of us supplement B12 and if you do purchase it should be methylcobalamin B12 as that is the best. You can get sublingual or ordinary tablets from Amazon and if you order through they get a minute commission. Excess B12 is excreted in the urine.


I agree with shaws. I had my B12 done a few weeks ago. Range (190-900). Mine was 230. If you are under 800 with AI disease its best to take a small supplement. Anything under 500 you are more deficient than you think. B12 bloods are only measure at blood level and not what is happening actively within our cells. I was having muscle cramps, restless legs, electric shock, stabbing pains and lots more. I now take 5000mcg of methylcobalimin B12 and although it took a few weeks I am now noticing a huge difference. I take sub lingual also. I hope this helps. This is only advice. If you decide to take make sure you research and by a good quality vitamin. It also helps to take with a good b complex tablet as well.


Hiya, I'm also low on Vit D (16) and B12 (212) and was really aching all over. I'm waiting to hear from doc but until then I am taking 1600iu Vit D3 daily and 5000mcg B12 sub, to get it going. I have been doing this for a couple of weeks and the aches and pains are fading - I'm hoping its the tablets as I have not changed anything else. Hope it works for you. x


Hiya, Thanks for the above. I am in the process of buying B12 as we speak! I have lots of little symptoms that I have been living with for a long time, managing to get on fine most days, but the development of an aching body which has now progressed to difficulty getting up for a sitting position, pain walking etc is really waring me down. It's amazing what we accept is normal and just live with it assuming this is the best it gets. The Vit D supplement didn't make any real change in the way I am feeling so fingers cross the Vit B12 will work it's magic. x


Hi yes my pains muscle weakness is getting worse, I've looked at blue horizon and for all tests I need will be ove 300 pounds, (gulp) so I may have to do them in a few lots because of funds, or try borrow to get them all the same time



I've recently been told low on vit b12 and vit d. I get 3 monthly vit b12 injections and take some vit d daily which helps a lot. Obviously it goes without saying get as much sunshine as you can on yourself to help with the vit d.



I've looked on the site to get vitamin tests and thyroid, adrenals, where did you guys get yours done ? Ive seen see the finger prick test but others needs bloods, where do you get bloods taken ?


Hi Twinks

I had mine done through Blue Horizon who send a needle kit. I then made an appointment with the nurse at my docs who did it for me, although she did ask why I paid privately and didn't go through the doctor. Maybe you should try that?


I take an all in one vitamin I take mine at dinnertime with a meal as that's what it says on the bottle I takr my levo first thing in the morning


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