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Hi All,

Well, the comatose exhaustion is back. The weakness is back. The swelling goitre is back. Alongside the blurry eyes, aching legs, bloated stomach and brain fog. The old me is NOT back.

To be honest, I think I've forgotten what the old me is now after 12 years of this s**t.

I am very low tonight. I thought I was managing ok on T3 alone (Tiromel) but it has become apparent that it is no longer working for me. This is despite the fact that I managed to increase my dose to 50mcg. I thought I had become adept at recognising whether I needed more hormone, but I just don't know anymore...

The fact is, I have no more time to work anything out. I have been mandated to this Work Programme nonsense and I am supposed to be looking for a job and fulfilling work-related activity. I can't even get off my couch or make my kid's tea in this state, never mind anything else.

I had been taking Cynomel by Sanofi Aventis before, which I had been managing to get online.This brand of T3 suited me the best but I can no longer access it online anywhere. I am unable to get a prescription for it from any doctor at my surgery despite the fact that they have prescribed Liothyronine (Goldshield) for me. Unfortunately albeit predictably the NHS Liothyronine does not agree with me at all and I feel hellish on it. Why oh why does it always have to be so hard?

Do any of you enlightened people have any ideas on how I can access Cynomel by Sanofi-Aventis? I am prepared to see a private doctor or Endo but they would need to be T3 friendly. I am in Scotland. Dr S would be no good because I would not get a referral. Feel free to PM me. Thanks.


Jaded Joan

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Forgot to mention that Mexican Cynomel doesn't agree with me either! Thank you to those who have private messaged me with that suggestion.


Might be a better option if you give natural thyroid a try? However, beware the ones with awkward fillers, as absorption sounds like a problem. You could give thiroyd or Naturethroid a go.


Just a thought ... did you try and request a '' private perscription '' from your GP for the Cynomel brand you require ? I have taken Eltroxin by Glaxo Smith Klyne ?( levothyroxin ) since being diagnosed 35 yrs ago and when I came here to UK GP changed it to generic thyroxin saying they didnt have Eltroxin in UK .. after starting to not feel well and a conversation with the pharmacist she said the two were not the same and it was because of the cost to go and ask for a private perscription from the GP.

GP gave me a private perscription and I paid for Eltroxin for five years and then one day they decided they would perscribe it to me on the NHS.


For the benefit of others reading here, I will point out that the UK brand of Eltroxin is not the same as the one you refer to by GSK.

Here, the Eltroxin brand name is used by MercuryPharma, and is the exact same product as their own 'generic' levothyroxine.

Also, there is currently a shortage of Eltroxin branded tablets, so you may have to switch to the generic MercuryPharma tablets. See here



NB MercuryPharma used to be called Goldshield until this time last year. They are still using the old Goldshield packaging for their Eltroxin, but this will change at some point to the new MPharma packaging that they are now using for their generic levo.


I'm shaking my head .... I asked why the size and colour of the box had changed.


Really ... So I was basically paying for a generic.

I have asked so many times why if Eltroxin is the registered product from GSK why does my box have Goldsheild as the manufacturer ? it was at this time that my health started to go down hill and even though I started to pay for Eltroxin I didnt start to feel that much better and at first it was always put down to '' you must be home sick''.

I have tried to research the difference in the manufactures but I didnt get very far.

Yes I have battled for a while to get the dose of Eltroxin I need, but the pharmacy have always managed to get me different dosages to make up 100mcg.

Monday past while putting in a perscrition the pharmacist told me I might not be able to get it soon and even if I could .. I would have to pay for it .. nothing new I have already but I'm not paying for a generic.

The pharmacist told me that N.I.C.E and the NHS together with the European equivelant are busy right now coming up with a bill of some discription that will ban outright any Registered Drugs in UK and Europe ... only generic will be allowed.

Thank you

Think its time I insisted on going to Endo if I'm going to have to change .


Hi Cein,

My GP steadfastly refuses to prescribe the Cynomel by Aventis privately or otherwise. I just can't understand it at all. Pleased you have managed to obtain your Eltroxin on the NHS after having to pay for it for so long.

Thank you to everyone who private messaged me. I am hopeful that I may be able to obtain the Cynomel by Aventis again. Fingers crossed.

Regards Joan


Are your iron, vit D and active B12 levels okay? I went through a stage when I felt my T3 wasn't doing it's job. I got my doctor to check all of the above and the results showed I was ridiculously low in all of them.


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