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Sanofi Aventis Cynomel?

I currently take Grossman (Mexican) Cynomel but I'm running out and in a real panic now as I've tried three alternatives (NHS/Mercury, Tiromel, Perrigo) and have had horrible side effects from all of them. I'm not yet sure whether I have an allergy to an excipient or whether my reaction has something to do with the speed or quantity of T3 that I'm absorbing, and I'm just having trouble getting the dose right.

I notice that Sanofi-Aventis Cynomel has very similar ingredients to Grossman, so I hope that I will get along with it.

I have an agreeable GP who may be willing to give me a prescription.

Do any of you take Sanofi-Aventis and how do you obtain it? If you have details of a supplier please PM me!



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I wish I knew how to get hold of Uni Pharma but no one could recommend me a safe supplier!


Thank you for the PMs for uni-pharma! I will give it a try.

If anyone can still PM me about Sanofi Cynomel I would be very grateful as it seems the best bet for something I will tolerate, I have seen a couple of people say they obtain it from a pharmacy in Belgium?


Hi vitaminkgirl, just spotted your post as I've been taking Tiromel for about 3 weeks now and am getting awful side effects ... dizziness, pressure headache, nausea, itching skin, tingly lips, cheeks n fingers.

Just wondered what your side effects were and if you have managed to source another form of T3 that is working for you :)


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