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Today I WENT to Grossman-Valeant offices and industrial plant in Mexico City (where I live) to ask them what is going on with Cynomel (to the Calzada de Tlalpan, 2012 address, where they produce it). I also wanted to make sure they (still) do exist, as some people don't believe the stories they have been telling since last year about Cynomel coming back in a couple of months.

Well, they DO exist! The plant&offices look really professional, like a well functioning industry, and the person responsible for Cynomel with whom I talked did seem serious and concerned. She said they've had a problem, but it is being solved, and said they WILL have it again, as soon as the problem is solved. She said, probably in September 2016. Yes, it is a long time, but I am convinced she is telling the truth. (I don't see why she shouldn't be, as they would have no interest in keeping us around if they didn't intend to sell it again). She even offered to take my phone number to tell me as soon as Cynomel is back.

For the time being, I am taking Novothyral, but I intend to try Triyotex. I am hesitating to take it, because some people say it is much weaker, and I am not sure how to calculate its power...

At least we know Cynomel IS coming back!

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  • Miriammsm, I'll believe Grossman Cynomel is back when I see it. Customers have been told by the pharmacies who sold it that it will be available in 2-3 months with monotonous regularity since early 2015. I'm sure members will appreciate your efforts to find out it's availability though :)

    Be cautious with Triyotex which is 75mcg. Some members have reported they find it weak compared with Cynomel but others find it is what they'd expect either in one 75mcg dose or by dividing it into 3 x 25mcg doses.

  • Thank you Clutter. I think I will open the capsules and try, beginning with the dose I am taking now from Novothyral. Some people say it is half the power, but I think it is better to try slowly. 75mcg is definitely too much for me.

    As for Cynomel, the person I talked to today knows more than the pharmacies, as she is the person responsible for it at Grossman herself. She looked very professional, very reliable, and she shouldn't have a reason to lie about it. (The pharmacies might lie, to keep people asking, I suppose). I think they did have some sort of problem, which is taking longer to solve than expected. I hope it does come back in September - but she said it depended on having solved the problem. Let's hope!

    Thank you again.

  • What a pity she couldn't give you a hint as to the problem. As long as it is not BIG PHARMA poking their noses in wielding a hatchet - then there is hope.

  • Companies have their own reasons to lie, it's not only the thing pharmacies are doing. The fact do they look professional or not is not a guarantee of anything. I mean we have highest state officials lying every single day, so why it should be strange in case of some firm. And, by the way, was it you who wrote a while ago that you spoke to those same people over the phone and then they told you it will be back in May or June? Now they are saying September, so there is a lie already, similar to those Mexican pharmacies are spreading every 3 or 4 months.

  • Yes, it was me. I went there because you never know who is answering the phone and where from. Of course looking professional doesn't mean much, but I thought if it didn't (say, if I had found a dark room in a lost building) we might have more reasons to be suspicious. I don't think it is necessarily a lie, my impression is they don't know exactly how long it will take them to be able to fix the problem (sounded like a technical problem. Maybe they had problems in the production, or in the concentration of substance in the pills, which might explain the impression of some of you Cytomel wasn't very good anymore - I don't know, I have never taken it, and hope to start). And of course those companies lie, but not in this case, I suppose. The main interest of every capitalist company is selling their products, why would they lie about being able to produce it again in the future and stand people phoning to ask about it every day?

    Well, I hope it does come back.

  • How do you know that they are not lying, since they already once lied to you over the phone. It seems to me that Mexican pharmacies are not the ones who were inventing this disinformation every few months, it seems to me they were getting it from the same source - the company.

  • But what for? What interest would the company have in having people asking everyday?

  • If I promise a project will be ready for the first of next month and I run into a technical difficulty, I tell the client that their project is a little delayed because I ran into something. I did not lie the first time! Some people don't mind, some people want to know exactly what held up the project and some people, receiving an explanation of the technical difficulty start to have their eyes glaze over. However, nobody thinks I am LYING! Probably because I am face to face with the client - just like Miriam and the rep from G-V. I think it is fantastic of Miriam to have actually gone and knocked on their door and got it from the horse's mouth. Thanks Miriam.

  • miriam, could you also find out about triyotex? I'm really much MORE concerned that they specify the potency wrong. Do you tell them that you have access to hundreds of people who are interested? It might help.

  • Good idea. I'll try.

  • Hallo, Heloise,

    today I talked to Medix help line, the ones who produce Triyotex. Medix presents itself as a pharma company specialised in obesity, and has many medicines which might not be very advisable (like amphetamin-like weight loss products). They said Triyotex is 75mcg, but couldn't explain why most people feel it is weaker and how can people start liothyronin with such a strong dose (for most people). I also asked if it is slow release, and the person first said "yes", but when I told her that this is not written on the patient information leaflet or on their web page she seemed to be unsure.

    On their Web page they do show many other products which they present as slow release, apparently using a capsule they say they invented ("Dialicels" - you might be right about the coating), but Triyotex is NOT among them. Even if it were slow release, 75 would be for many people too much as a daily dose. I intend to write instead of talking, to see if a can get a better answer. Maybe it would be good if more people wrote, they should be able to answer in English:

    Anyway, I think I will keep my Novothyral 15mcg dose and try to add a little Triyotex, by opening the capsule... Hope it helps!

    I wish you luck!

  • Thank you, Miriam, I guess they don't wish to call it a thyroid drug. Why are you stopping the novothyral, is it a bovine source of NDT?

    I still think Triyotex is a slow release and in hypos, it is so much slower that some doesn't ever get released, haha. We certainly don't need any more complications and it is aggravating.

    I hope you do well on it.

  • Novothyral is 100mcgT4+20mcgT3 from Merck. (Apparently there are other versions in other countries). I wanted to stop, because the whole pill is too much T4 and to little T3 for me, but I think I will keep 3/4 of it and add T3 separatly (that's why I wanted Cytomel). At least I know it has what it says.

    Let's see.

  • That seems like a good plan and actually measuring the Tiromel might be easier than chopping up a pill.

    I didn't realize the pharmaceutical companies had started copying NDT. I guess that's a good sign that at least they recognize T3 is a necessary component to T4.

  • Hiya miriammsm,

    Thanks for doing this and I hope they get it sorted out soon. Does anyone know if the current batches we have are ok, I mean there's no problem with the quality is there?



  • miriammsm,

    Whatever actually happens in the end, thank you so much for actually putting the effort in and going and asking. And reporting back!

  • Hear hear! :)

  • Thank you. If they phone as they promised I will tell you all.

  • Thank you on behalf of all of us who miss Cynomel and are struggling on sub standard Turkish or Greek supplies. so nice to see someone make such an effort. Well done, Miriam.

  • I am perfectly well on one of them thank you. This is turning into some kind of Cynomel eulogy. Don't understand only who has the use of glorifying it while spitting on the others.

  • Brilliant that you put in the effort and had the bottle to go and see them.... Well done! Hope that they do actually get the t3 manufactured again, i know it is affecting a lot of people.

    xx. G

  • I do not use them any longer. I get my supplies of T3 or Tiromel from Cyprus. If you need details email me. Am not sure if I can give you my email address on this site. See if you can contact me. I find it very good and it is sent very quickly.

  • Thank you, Christina. But as I live in Mexico I hope to be able to find it here soon, as it is sold OTC. Let's see how triyotex works for me, if it doesn't or Cynomel doesn't come back, I will try something else.

  • Tiromel is not produced on Cyprus, it's a Turkish product. It doesn't even exist on Cyprus, they never heard of it there.

  • Sofitel, there are people who ship Turkish Tiromel and Greek Uni-Pharma from Cyprus.

  • This lady ships it from Cyprus and it arrives promptly, I have had no complaint wherever it is made, yes turkish I believe. I do not know where else get it from. I have given up on Mexican drugstore....

  • Hi mirium, I was raising the cynomel to slightly above the 25 mcg. tablet when they discontinued it so I ordered Triyotex, whew, what to do with the capsule of 75 mcg. I was trying to calculate one half of the capsule and thought 37 would be good. I think I used three boxes and felt pretty good. I'm also working on adrenals but did feel I made improvements. Well, I was shocked to find my TSH up to 4. I gave up and went back to NDT and upped that by half a grain. I did change the blood test by fasting, I also went in around 8 a.m. and didn't take any hormone for 24 hours but I had begun Naturethroid that week. Even FT3, and 4 were below range but I felt really well. Puzzling. I still feel the "coating" on the little beads may be a problem but no one seems to agree with me.

    Thank you so much for your detective work!

  • Strange. I want to try triyotex, let's see. I hope it works.

  • I think it will work once you find the right dose.

  • Oh! I googled it after reading your post and couldn't find the whole story, but did find news accusing Valeant of fraud. If this applies to this Mexican association with Grossman and the production of Cytomel, that might be the cause why they stopped providing it last year - the "problem" is then legal.

    But I still hope they are not lying regarding their intention of starting the production of Cytomel again (hopefully without any kind of fraud). Let's see.

  • Miriam, I have been checking lately on the usual Mexican site almost daily and hoping for some news.

    Thank you so much for putting your time and effort to investigate it!

    Let's hope we get the Cytomel back soon!

    I would love to hear how you are getting on with the Triyotex

    Wish you luck x

  • Thank you!

  • I have emailed them and i get no reply. I hope they are really coming back. I don't know why they keep stringing us along tho.

  • If I had found it the best available medicine, I too would be worrying about it and trying to make sure I knew if it came back onto the market.

    I can see nothing whatsoever wrong in trying to remain aware of what is happening in the liothyronine markets.

  • I see Grossman Cynomel is back, has anyone tried the new batch yet?

  • It's not back and there is no new batch, every few months for whole 2 years some mexican online pharmacy makes this trick when they need more money and you finish with something different like I did once. I contacted the only reliable online pharmacy in Mexico to ask them and they replied that Cynomel production was not resumed since the end of 2014. What they have from T3 now is only Triyotex.

  • Hi! have you hear anything? I've heard cynomel is back but I can't find it in any pharmacy. have they call you yet?

  • Wegagurl, you appear to be new here, welcome.

    If you want to discuss thyroid medication availibility, please start a new post of your own, rather than reply to an old thread (this one is 9months old).

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