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Which pharmacy could order in Cynomel by Sanofi-Aventis?

Hi All,

I am going to see a Private Doc tomorrow hopefully to get a prescription for Cynomel by Sanofi Aventis. I have not been getting along with any of the other T3 medications including Liothyronine, Tiromel, and Cynomel by Grossman.

I have phoned up a few local pharmacies to try and get a price and find out if they can get it for me and I am getting nowhere as usual. You would think I was trying to obtain an illegal substance from the way I am spoken to by these untrained Pharmacy Staff. It became clear that even the Head Pharmacist in two Chemists I phoned had never heard of it either. I digress.

Does anyone know of a pharmacy that could order this in for me at a reasonable price? I did manage to get price from the Cooperative Pharmacy in the end, but I'm not prepared to pay it. £160 for 84 tabs which I think is outrageous. I am on £6.20 an hour. It will work out over £1000 for my medication costs yearly. And I am supposed to be exempt from prescription charges on the NHS. What a joke. Even if THEY could just write a script for T3 from Greece I would give that a go. At two euros a pop it's worth a shot. And would save them so much money, but that would be a logical solution to an ongoing problem. And as most of us can attest, the NHS don't do 'logical'.

Regards Joan

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my local pharmacist asked a 'neighbouring' pharmacy who has an account with IDIS to get a quote for me, it came as something like £26 for 28 tablets of 25mcg.

The answer is: ask a pharmacy which has an account with IDIS, I know sainsbury's pharmacies do and possibly ASDA too.

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Hi Donna,

Could I ask for the details of the pharmacy in Belgium that you got your Cynomel from?

Do you still order Cynomel (Aventis) from them?

Do you order it over the phone with your private prescription?

Thank you.

Warmest Regards


Interesting reading your post. A few months ago there was a shortage of liothyrnine, I decided to use up my Cynomel so I could stock pile my NHS T3 when it became available again. I have felt much much better on it, and am panicking at the thought of going back on the NHS T3. I am now wondering if the mix is so different.


Have you tried any of these:





Thanks for that link Louise. I will try these pharmacies tomorrow. And thank you nobodysdriving for the info regarding IDIS. That's really helpful.

Margo, I didn't realise just how much better I felt on the Cynomel by Aventis until I went on the NHS stuff. I have no idea what it is about the Liothyronine. Whether it's the fillers, or perhaps because the tablets are 20mcg instead of 25mcg. But I've spoken to a couple of other folk who feel ghastly on it as well. As usual it's a mystery. I do hope if you have to go back on it you will fair better.

Regards Joan


Hi I buy my Cynomel by Aventis from a pharmacy in Belguim.. You must have a private prescription..it costs just over 6 euro for a packet of 30. plus postage .they courier the meds within 2 days.. I had been quoted £40 plus for a prescription in Barnett ..PM me if you would like more information..bestwishes donna


Hi Donna, please would you let me have the details of the pharmacy in Belgium that you got your Cynomel from? Thank you


This is really interesting! If I can get a private prescription I could afford this. It's just a matter of getting the prescription :) Does the prescription have to state the brand or is "liothyronine" enough?

Many thanks

Carolyn x

Edit: didn't realise how old this post is! Sorry.


Hi Donna. Could you let me have list ingredients

in the Aventis Cynomel ? Does it come in 25mcg tabs ?

Would be grateful any info. Thanks


Hi Donna - could I ask for the Belgian Pharmacy contact

address too please. Would be grateful. Thanks


Hi Donna, could I ask for the details of the pharmacy in Belgium that you got your Cynomel by Aventis(France) from?

Did you have your private prescription and ordered it over the phone?

Do you still order it from that pharmacy?

Help greatly appreciated.

Thank you



I know it's an old post I'm replying to - but would you pm me the pharmacy details please x


Hi Donna, I’ve just come across this post and I know it’s old, but are you still able to get your cynomel from Belgium, and would you be able to send me the details of the pharmacy? Thank you


Thank you Donna. Have sent you PM.


Hi All. An update...

Well, I had a productive day today thank heavens. I was so anxious things would go awry as they always seem to when it concerns 'thyroid'. My appointment was in Glasgow at a private GP practise. I got there half an hour early for a change. When I saw the doctor it was all very swift. I wasn't looking for advice or suggestions , merely a prescription for Cynomel and she obliged accordingly. I gave her all the details including the strength and amount I wanted and it was as simple as that. It seemed almost too simple considering what I've been through on this nightmare thyroid journey which has spanned nearly 13 yrs. She asked if I would be able to source it ok, and I admitted I had been having great difficulty obtaining a reasonable quote. She then suggested a pharmacy round the corner who would be able to help.

I was going to ignore her advice but at the last minute decided to try them. And boy, am I glad I did. £83 for a three month supply. And they are going to post it out to me. Yay!!! This in contrast to the quotes from the Co-op online £160. Sainsburys £249, Springfield Pharmacy £133. However, having nearly given Springfield my card details, I was told by the Pharmacist that it may be Cytomel (US brand) which was not what I wanted. Honestly, the hassle I have had has been unbelievable. I had also phoned Asda, Lloyds, and my local Co-op pharmacy and I can tell you that nobody I spoke to had a bloody clue.

In fact I was so incensed at the way I was spoken to by the untrained pharmacy team member at the Coop that I sent off a complaint to the Superintendent online. This woman asked me to spell Cynomel about 5 times. Then asked if I had the spelling correct. I was asked for my name, address, phone number, date of birth etc when it was a PRIVATE prescription. No kidding. She then informs me it's not listed in the BNF. I said " I know, it's made by a French Pharmaceutical." She then asked me to hold on, obviously so she could confer with the equally useless Head Pharmacist. She comes back saying "no, we can't do that." I asked why not. Her reply.."Well they all have different names and prices and the one you want isn't listed." Eh? I'm paying. What difference does that make?

And so it went on. Tried a different tact. Mentioned Liothyronine being T3 and that it was listed in the BNF. Would she listen? Nope. Told me it was NOT listed in the BNF. I then said "look, can you order Cynomel in as a'special' and find out the price please?" She then puts me on hold again, but I can hear the irritated Head Pharmacist muttering "just tell her no." And she does just that. So I slammed down the phone before I said some bad words. Throughout it all the tone her voice was one of accusation, like I was trying to obtain something I shouldn't.

This was the second incident I have had with these inane fools at the Coop. A couple of years back I tried to obtain Martindales purified thyroxine. On this occasion I went in person accompanied by my daughter. Cue interrogation by the rudest female Pharmacist I have ever had the displeasure to meet. A huge mix up with them obtaining a quote for the wrong medication, and then the parting shot from the awful Pharmacist who barked "Why can't you just take thyroxine like everybody else?"

Honestly, the abuse I have endured as a result of having Thyroid Disease has been at times truly unbearable. I will never be able to accept it. But today taught me that there are people out there who can and will help. Who won't make you jump through another set of hoops because they have a badge on. I remember an appointment at my local surgery a couple of years back when the GP said to me "I'm not going to give you what you want."

Today I got what I wanted. May you all do too.



Gosh Joan! :( That's awful! :(

Could you email me please with the details of your local pharmacy - we would be interested in contacting them to see if they would like to go on the list. louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org

Also, are you aware of the Petition currently running with the Scottish Parliament....





I'm glad you finally found a pharmacy that did it for a good price and with minimal fuss - if you don't mind me asking, are they from a chain of pharmacies (if so care to say which) or an independant one?


What a shoddy saga, Joan.

At least you know you're not alone in your struggle.

I've noticed chemists assts. getting more offhand and patronising-

Yet most Pharmacists seem OK, at least face to face...

One wonders what odd agenda is running in the world, over this whole show you've been through..


Is this the same as t3 I have a private prescription and am ordering tomorrow. Heather


Sanofi Cynomel is just one brand of Liothyronine. When talking to pharmacists never refer to T3 - always Liothyronine. (You can use Google Translate to get it in any language you might need. Almost always very similar.)


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